About Angela

Hi!! I’m Angela — I am a writer here at Wee Share!

I am a twenty-something Christ-follower, wife, mom, daughter, sister, teacher, student, business owner, and crafter!

Wedding Collage

I married Kevin {Desi’s brother-in-law} on July 27, 2012. Yes — you read that right. Desi and I are sisters-in-law!! Working with her is so much fun and fabulous. Kevin is the love of my life — and our wedding day was absolutely perfect.

Meet Brooklynn

Kevin and I are expecting our first little princess on October 3, 2013! We have named her Brooklynn and are SO excited about meeting her! Even though she is still in my tummy, she is the most ACTIVE little baby! She frequently sends my stomach into a jumping frenzy! We love her so much already — and I am so excited about sharing her with all of you!



{Updated as of January 2014}

Here is my family — with out sweet, precious, and loving little princess!!!


Wee Share is a fantastic outlet to share everything that I love with all of you — so I hope you enjoy reading about my thoughts, experiences, and tips/tutorials. {Below} are some additional links that are all about me. So, feel free to check them out and get to know me better!


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