Silhouette Cut File – Star Stickers for your favorite planner! {Free Download}

I love planners.

I love to try out all different kinds of planners… but it’s very safe to say that I do not love ALL planners. I’m actually quite a snob about the planners I actually use all year. (Has that ever even happened? Have I ever actually used one single planner for an entire year?… hmm….)

I’m building up my digital BUJO planner for next year (if you can’t tell by all of my zillion of downloads I’m posting)… but for this year I actually found a planner that I’ve been LOVING. It’s strange, because the planners that always end up being my favorite are NEVER mainstream popular planners. They aren’t the ones everyone raves about on Instagram. I actually found my planner for this year at Home Goods for $8. I got it because… well… it looked intriguing and it was only $8. I. Love. It.

Click here to download the Stars Planner Stickers Silhouette Cut File

Click here to download the Stars Planner Stickers Silhouette Cut File

Another thing I love to do in my planners is highlight and stick stickers all OVER it. I use these star stickers on my monthly spread to show when I have a blog post scheduled. It gives me a great visual for my overall month and how much work I’ve done and how much I still need to get done. You could, obviously, use these stars for whatever type of goodness you wanted to use them for in your planner!

Here are the sticker sheets that I use. I do love these! I want to find some good glossy ones to try… does anyone have any suggestions??

I hope you enjoy these! Let me know what you think. Also, I’m fairly new to sharing silhouette cut files. So, if they don’t work let me know and I’ll investigate. I have no idea how a .studio file will work with Cricut or any other electronic cutting machine… so I’m sorry if it doesn’t work for you! If you have any tips for how I can format it to work with other machines, feel free to comment and let me know!


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