Top 5 February Bullet Journal Pinterest Inspiration Round-Up

Just like in January… I’m here today to give you some inspiration for your February bullet journals! Remember — I didn’t create any of these bullet journal layouts, I’m just giving love to those creators that did + sending you all to their blogs or Instagram accounts. So, go give them some love! <3

  1. I sent you to this blog back in January... and I have a feeling that I will be sending you here every month. These layouts are too cute! Go check it out!
  2. my_blue_sky_design – I think this idea is way too cute! I love the thought of tracking little goals on “small months” throughout the month! What do y’all think?
  3. craftyenginerd – I follow this Instagram account and I have never been disappointed in the creative BUJO layouts that are posted! Isn’t this just too cute??
  4. I think the idea of a “February Review” is very appealing. Check out all of the individual things to ponder about before, during, and after the month. Great job!
  5. doodledaydarlings – There isn’t much about this that I’d change if I made it in my own journal — how ADORABLE!

Go check out these super adorable February layouts to help inspire you in your own bullet journal! Make sure to give them some love by following them! Also, go check out my Bullet Journal Pinterest board to see all of the things I love about Bullet Journals on Pinterest!




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