Toddler Learning Activities – Color Flash Cards {Free Printable}

As I spoke about in my Toddler Connect the Dots free printable activity, Grayson and I do “school” every day while Brooklynn is at preschool. He loves it and is learning SO much.

Recently, we discovered that the words that Grayson and I talk about during school is making a bigger impact than we realized. When we talk about colors, animals, emotions, EVERYTHING, I spell it for him on a piece of paper or a whiteboard. He’s already a whiz with spelling his name and his ABC’s- he can identify them in any form or fashion.

So, the other night as I was tucking him in his bed, he looked at me and said “O-R-A-N-G-E. Orange”

I was like.. um… did my two year old just SPELL orange for me?

He started randomly spelling things around him for the next week or so.

SO… I decided to see what he knew. I started writing down words WITHOUT using a picture or a color clue to help him identify the word…

He verbally identified EVERY.SINGLE.ONE. {insert SURPRISED face here}

I decided at that very moment that we would start reading words all the time! I’m incorporating flash cards into our every day routines — doing them during school, carpool, before bed… just to see how much this little guy can retain! I started with colors and will add more as time goes on. Enjoy!


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