Super Easy (and CHEAP) 1-Step DIY Garden Globe {Tutorial}

THIS project is so easy.

SO easy.

It really doesn’t necessarily need a POST about it because it’s that easy.

This post is more for “inspiring-you-to-do-this-easy-project” instead of teaching you HOW to do this easy project. ITS SO EASY.

I LOVE my garden. I love my garden so much that I’m contemplating becoming a cut flower farmer (which is a LOT of hard work… but that shows you how much I LOVE flower gardening). One part of my garden I try to keep up with is making it visually appealing — especially when the flowers aren’t necessarily blooming.

I found a CHEAP bowling ball at a thrift store for $3. I cleaned it off and sanded it down just a bit to make it super smooth. Then, I spray painted it with gold spray paint and VOILA! That’s it.

I told you… less of a tutorial and more of an inspirational motivational easy DIY WOW-YOU-CAN-DO-THIS post. πŸ˜‰

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