Freebie Friday – Toddler Connect the Dots: Shapes {Free Printable Download}

My four year old goes to school every day of the week. She LOVES it. She thrives with all of the other kids and the teachers and the rigor. (Yes, teachers, I’m using the word RIGOR for my 4 YEAR OLD. I’m a former teacher and happen to think rigor is awesome. 😉 )

My two year old stays home with me while sister is at school. He THRIVES with mommy. We do “school” every single day — and he LOVES it. It’s the one time period a day that he has me all to himself — and where sister can’t talk for him. (She’s quite the little talk-a-holic)

He has an incredible understanding of letters and numbers for his age. He also loves drawing and identifying shapes (my favorite is when he says “tangle” for rectangle… it’s adorable).

So, I created these simple connect the dots to add some variety to our “school” during the week. He’s practicing his fine motor skills while working on sequencing numbers AND identifying shapes. If you want to add to the activity, simply have your toddler color in the shape when he/she is done connecting the dots (again, motor skills) and talk about what color he/she chose to color it.

BOOM. An entire lesson (or, multiple lessons) in one download.

I put “NAME: ____” on there as if he can write his name… which he can’t write his name. BUT, he knows how to spell his name and he spells it while I write it down for him. Having the “NAME:___” there is a great opportunity for you to discuss how to spell your toddlers’ name with him/her.

I hope you (err, your toddler) enjoys this activity as much as mine does!

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