DIY Mosaic Garden Globe from a Bowling Ball {Tutorial}

Perhaps you saw the Super Easy DIY Garden Globe tutorial I posted about the other day. That beauty is sitting in my garden and I absolutely love it. However, there is a different garden globe in my garden that I love much, much more.

This garden globe was very time consuming to make and cost slightly more than $3 — more like $40 or so (That’s a rough estimate). But the beauty about this project is that you don’t HAVE to purchase all of the same things as I did. You can easily use mosaic materials that you already have in your home or go to the craft store or dollar store and find something cheap to use. It’s totally up to you!

Another beautiful thing about this DIY is that there isn’t really a “pattern” to follow. I was trying to be really fancy when I first started and was trying to make it repetitive and symmetrical…. but the more I designed the less I wanted it to be symmetrical and even.


Tips for making this garden globe:

  • Clean off the bowling ball with rubbing alcohol before starting.
  • Put the bowling ball on a soft kitchen towel or bath towel so that it doesn’t roll around when you’re gluing the pieces on it. You can even roll up additional kitchen towels on each side to keep it more firmly in place.

  • Pick a point to start at (I chose the opposite side of the ball that the finger holes are on).

  • Only do a little at a time and let it dry. DO NOT (I repeat) DO NOT try to do this all in one day. Give it time to dry before rotating it to add more tiles. The tiles will slide down the ball if you do too many at once.

  • This can get messy on your fingers. Have a damp old rag around to wipe the glue off your fingers when you’re done. I say old because I don’t 100% remember if the glue ended up washing out of my rag I was using or not.


I hope you enjoy your fancy garden globe as much as I do! Please let me know if you have any questions!