January Yearly Chronological Bible Study Guide – Free Printable Download!

I have been reading through the Bible cover to cover for years. If you’ve been tuned in to Wee Share for a while now, you may remember my Chronological Bible Study Bookmarks that I put out a few years back. Those have been IMMENSELY popular ~ thanks y’all! OR – you may have downloaded the Bible study calendar that I released for 2017.


Every year, I feel as though I need a BETTER way to organize my Bible study time. The very first year that I did it, I literally printed off a list that was about 3 pages long and marked through them each day as I finished a reading. I would take notes on various pieces of scrap paper and then stick it into my Bible in the spot that I read for that day. I don’t like to throw away my notes as I’m going through the Word during a year because SO OFTEN scriptures refer to other parts of the Bible. Prophecies are fulfilled, there are parallels, and so many other things that I love to refer back to. SO – you can probably imagine that my Bible was completely JAM PACKED with papers by the end of the year.

Year after year, I spend more and more time trying to come up with something that will make reading the Bible cover to cover more and more organized for me. Although I’m spending a ton of time creating, editing, and tweaking things for me to use and it’s not EXACTLY making it “easier” on me (hehehe), I DO hope that by me sharing it with all of you, that it perhaps will make things easier for YOU to dig into God’s Word in an organized fashion.


I’ve created the Bible study guide in two forms — creative planner style (aka – A5) and a full sized 8.5×11 style. You download and use the one that best fits your preferences. If you’re like me — and you take a TON of notes — the 8.5×11 may be better for you. It has so much more space to write!

Here’s how the Creative Planner edition of this Bible study works:

  • Print the monthly Bible study PDF. I printed it 2 sided (and in color, but that’s obviously optional) to save on paper.
  • Cut on the black line. Cutting the study out will make it fit nicely into your study binder.
  • Punch holes in the pages and put it in your binder. (Don’t want to cut it out? Totally fine! Just grab a 3-pronged folder or a regular sized binder and you’re good to go!)
  • Each day, you can take notes in the designated section as you read. Perhaps these notes are a “school type approach” that will help you sort out the facts… or maybe it’s favorite verses or things that speak to you. This is totally up to you!
  • I have been intentional with my studies this last year about being sure to pray about something related to the scriptures that I read. There were weeks that went by that my prayer was to “PLEASE help me understand what in the world this is talking about!”… and other times my prayers were more directly related to how the Spirit was teaching me through the reading of the Word.
  • At the bottom of many of the days, I typed in a verse that spoke to me while I was reading that day. Some days… there were quite literally ZERO verses that spoke to me (i.e. during the long chapters listing the genealogies chronologically). I didn’t add a verse on days like that. HOWEVER – if you see a scripture that speaks to you and I didn’t happen to add it in on that day, feel free to comment on that month’s post OR email me directly. I’d love to hear your thoughts – I think it would be fun to be able to learn from each other during our walks!


For this method of organizing your Bible Study to be effective, you’ll first need a few things:

    • A binder (This can be an 8.5×11 traditional sized binder or an A5 binder. Those mini binders work really nicely for an A5 size!)

This one is cute, although fairly pricey —

OR, you could choose one similar to the one that I chose:

  • A hole punch suitable for your binder
  • Bible – I use a NLT study Bible

All about the January Bible readings —

January is a fairly fun and exciting month in the world of chronological Bible reading! You start out with the story of creation and the flood. Then you jump over to Job. I’ve found that every year that I’ve done this, the book of Job has spoken to me in a different way. I think that how you feel about the book of Job and how you interpret it has a lot to do with your current life circumstances — or at least, it is for me.

After you finish Job you jump back to Genesis and start learning about Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and you scratch the surface of the story of Moses.

I am SUPER excited for you to start this journey with me. If this is your first time reading through the Bible, it is a HIGHLY rewarding experience. Don’t get me wrong — there will be days when you are so CONFUSED about what your reading that you will question whether or not you can even continue further. HOWEVER DON’T GIVE UP – because there are SO MANY MORE days that your reading will leave you so hungry for more of God yet so spiritually full from what you’re reading all at the same time that you will look forward to the reading each day.

Click here to download the January Standard (8.5x11) Bible Study Printable! Click here to download the January Creative Planner (A5) Bible Study Printable!

PLEASE feel free to comment on any month that you have questions or comments about. I am not a biblical scholar (although I wouldn’t mind going back to school to study deeper…), but I’d be happy to help in any way that I can. I am also happy to pray for you in any way that I can, too! ALSO – be sure to follow me on Facebook/Instagram to see daily scriptures that relate directly to the reading of the day! You can find those links below! XOXO

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  1. Cindy says:

    I’ve been doing the Chronological reading plan and just writing my notes down in a notebook, but yours is so much prettier! Thanks so much for making this available for free!

  2. Alie says:

    a little bit behind, but I hope to be able to catch up, looking forward to start my early mornings…
    thank you for doing this
    kind regards
    Alie from the Netherlands

    • Angela says:

      Yes! They will come out on the last Monday of every month! February is scheduled to go live for download on January 29th. I’m excited you’re going on this journey with us!!

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