My Current Beauty Regimen — Drugstore Beauty Products that I LOVE!

I am a girlie girl – 100%. I love going shopping… especially for makeup. I don’t necessarily always feel the NEED to wear makeup. I go plenty of places without it during my week. However, I just LOVE it. I think it is fun to try all of the different brands, colors, and techniques. I LOVE watching YouTube videos and learning new ways to apply makeup. I like to try the latest trends – even if I don’t actually leave the house wearing those trends.

My husband does NOT love my love for makeup. He usually sees makeup as a ridiculous waste of money. He has a heart of gold and loves me for who I am WITHOUT makeup. I love him for that… and I will frequently go without wearing any makeup because I’m comfortable like that and I know he likes it better that way.

……but I still LOVE makeup.

I feel like my skin type changes with the wind, so I frequently try different brands, colors, and textures to get a feel for what works best for my skin at various points during the year. For example, I can get away with a dewy look during the fall/winter months… but it literally melts off of my face in the summer. My skin also changes depending on where I am in my monthly cycle – so I try to factor that in when I’m getting ready, too. Because I feel like I’ve tried every kind of makeup under the sun, I have a respect for both high end and drugstore brands.

Let me BREAK HERE to say this – I do NOT change my skin CARE routine. I know what works for my face and I stick to it year round. I don’t cut corners or penny pinch when it comes to taking care of my skin, either. My 100% go-to always-use no-matter-what skin care brand is Clinique. I use the three step system for combination skin. I’m not going to link what I use in this post because I feel like your best option would be to go to a Clinique counter and have a discussion with someone about your skin type so that they can match you perfectly.

I also have fallen in LOVE with this Clinique “Take The Day Off” Cleansing Balm. OH MY STARS, it’s so wonderful.

THE POINT IS – Find what skin care routine works for you and your skin and stick to it! Clinique is what works for me and I certainly spend the money to take care of my skin! 

Okay – back to makeup.

As I was getting ready this morning, I thought about how many of my favorite everyday products are NOT high end products. I have SO much makeup, a mixture of high end and drug store brands, and I seem to always gravitate back to certain things this season. I thought it might be interesting to document it here on Wee Share, to share what I currently love with all of you, and then do it again in a few months to see what stays the same and what changes. Like I said – I feel like my skin changes with the wind, so it will be fascinating to watch how my product preferences change with the seasons.

My makeup routine isn’t anything spectacular. I don’t have my own YouTube channel (nor do I plan on starting one). I’m just an average girl that loves knowing what works for other people… so I thought I’d share what has been working for me.


(I’m linking all of these to Amazon for a quick guide, however, these are easy to find drugstore brands so you may be better off going to your local Target or Walmart! 🙂 )




I love BOTH of these foundations – I  mix them and they love love LOVE my skin 😉 .





  • OKAY so I definitely fill in my eyebrows everyday, however, it’s not a drugstore brand. I received an eyebrow pencil from Ipsy (I LOVE IPSY)… and I’ve really been enjoying it ever since receiving it. SO, below you will find a link to the eyebrow pencil that I’m using AND a link to join Ipsy. (Seriously, I love Ipsy and feel like I just received a Christmas present every month when it arrives!)
  • Skone Cosmetics Brow Wand
  • HERE IS WHERE YOU NEED TO GO TO SIGN UP FOR IPSY. Seriously, you will love it… and if you don’t, just cancel it!


I’m also pretty picky about Mascara… and I use multiple mascaras everyday. Here are my favorites:




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  1. Brenda says:

    Thanks for sharing all of the makeup that you use. I like that they’re affordable. How sweet of your husband to like the way you look without makeup on.

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