DIY Teacher Toolbox + FREE PRINTABLE Chevron Toolbox Labels!

As a teacher, I am constantly using a variety of items from moment to moment in my classroom. I have a few different ways that I organize my stuff… okay, okay, for those who know me… I have A LOT of different ways that I organize my stuff. One of my favorite, and most cost efficient, ways that I organize my classroom is with my teacher toolbox.


I started with getting this Stack-On 22 Drawer Storage Cabinet. My first year of teaching, I left it the color that it came when I purchased it. However, the “theme” of my classroom is mostly white furniture with accents of color throughout my room. I use the things I hang up in my room to help bring color to the room itself. SO, I decided that my organizer was NOT going to cut it being left the way that it was when I purchased it.

I took all of the drawers out of it and laid the main “body” of the cabinet on an old box. I spray painted it with a Rustoleum spray paint that bonds to plastic. I had to give it about 4 coats of paint, letting it dry in between each coat.

While it was drying, I created and printed some labels for the drawers. Since I bring color to my room via the things I decorate with, I decided to make them chevron with a variety of different rainbow colors. I simply printed, cut, and taped the labels to the inside of the drawers.


I put it all back together and VOILA! It is a functional, cost efficient, organizer for my classroom!


Do you love these labels and want them for your classroom? Click HERE to download them for free!


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