How I use the VARIERA Trash Can in my Classroom! #IKEAClassroom

My first year of teaching was an entire 180 days of OVERWHELM. Well, I take that back. I was on maternity leave for 10 weeks out of that year. So, take away the maternity days and THAT’S how many days I was overwhelmed. I’m incredibly (so so so very much) obsessive about neatness and organization (hence, this entire #IKEAClassroom series) in my classroom. One thing I could not STAND that first year was the weekly folders that we sent home. Actually, the folders didn’t drive me crazy… what to DO with the folders during the week drove me crazy.

First, I didn’t have a place to put the folders that made sense to me. Many of you may be thinking, “JUST PUT THE THINGS SOMEWHERE AND GET ON WITH IT!” I tried. Believe me, I tried. I put them EVERYWHERE… nothing worked for me.

Another thing I couldn’t stand about the weekly folders (since I didn’t have a logical spot to PUT them), was the disorganized MESS my classroom was in when the folders were returned to me each week. I didn’t know where to put them… so the kids didn’t know where to put them… so there was NOWHERE to put them.

Any who, I saw a really great Pinterest post about using this little trash can from Ikea to store various folders. THIS was the idea that finally made sense to me.

How I use the VARIERA Trash Can in my Classroom! #IKEAClassroom

VARIERA Trash Can – $3.99

Now, my folders do not take up very useful space on my counter space AND the students have somewhere to put their folders FIRST THING when they return them to me. It makes it so much easier.


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