How I use the PRESSA Hanging Dryer in my Classroom! #IKEAClassroom

Last year, I discovered the fun world of Directed Drawing. I absolutely fell in love with the variety of skills that my students learned during this project. They had to focus on their drawing skills WHILE working on their listening skills. Since we painted most of our drawings the same way, they had to work on PATIENCE with me and with their classmates while we waited for everyone to finish painting the current step. It was a great overall project for my students – especially since the majority of my third graders struggled with listening, following directions, and having patience.

Here was my problem: WHERE IN THE WORLD was I supposed to put their paintings while they dried?

My classroom is usually super organized and there is a specific function for all the space in my room. I didn’t have a square foot to spare. I ended up putting the drawings all over the floor. Well, the students could NOT keep their hands (or feet) away from their peers’ work. It was a disaster.

SO – as I was doing some research for new functional gadgets for my classroom, I was introduced to the PRESSA Hanging Dryer.

How I use the PRESSA Hanging Dryer in my Classroom! #IKEAClassroom

PRESSA Hanging Dryer – $4.99

The first thing that pulled me in about this gadget is that it kind of looks like a chandelier {right?!}. I found it oddly charming. Anyways – I also love that you can hang it up… and then take it down. Nothing PERMANENT has to be done in your classroom to use this gadget. It has 16 different clips. I actually bought two of them because I wasn’t convinced I was going to be able to squish 16 art projects on this one hanging dryer.




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