How I use the MARIUS Stool in my Classroom! #IKEAClassroom

Kidney tables.

Yes. Kidney tables.

I certainly have a love-hate relationship with my kidney table. I absolutely LOVE how I can work with small groups and/or give “preferential seating” to those delightful students who love to distract their friends. I HATE how standard chairs do not FIT NEATLY underneath kidney tables.

Yes, love-hate.

Any who – as I was searching for alternative options for my kidney table, I came across REALLY CUTE DIY projects that looked just fabulous. DIY projects that would be PERFECT if I already had the supplies laying around my house or in my crawl space just WAITING to be used. However, since I did not have the supplies on hand… each DIY seat would be pushing $10 when all was said and done.

IKEA’s Marius stools are $4.99.

$4.99 Y’ALL.

How I use the MARIUS Stool in my Classroom! #IKEAClassroom

MARIUS Stool – $4.99

So, I picked up about 10 of these stools and placed them around my kidney table AND at my computer table. They pack underneath the table perfectly and allow me to have a very flexible amount of students that are able to sit at my table.

The MARIUS stools are also great for on-the-fly seats (you know, when you suddenly have extra people in your classroom that need a seat to watch you teach like a champ! i.e. administrators).

IKEA typically has these $4.99 stools in red, black, and white – but you could always spray paint them if you aren’t a fan of those colors or if it doesn’t match your theme! :) #GODIY


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