Easing Nerves and Traveling Safely with the Garmin babyCam!

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I didn’t anticipate the worry that comes along with motherhood. I began getting a taste of it after I had my first screening ultrasound for Brooklynn. The mysterious “cysts” they found in her brain had me searching Google and finding VERY SCARY INFORMATION. (Side note: Don’t Google things about babies or toddlers. You will never like what you find. Just ask a doctor.) After she was born, my motherly instinct to worry kicked into overdrive. I worried about if she was too hot, or cold, or hungry, or happy, why she wouldn’t take a pacifier, if she was gassy… and this was all while we were still in the hospital!

At the time, I lived about 45 minutes away from my mom. Being that Brooklynn is the first grand baby on that side, everyone wanted to see her every moment that they could. Once Brooklynn was a few weeks old, we started venturing to my mom’s house for visits (and I took naps while she was being passed around by my family members). It wasn’t until my first solo trip with Brooklynn in the car that I realized how TERRIFYING it is to drive your newborn somewhere and you CAN’T SEE THEM because their CAR SEAT is turned around. It was like a catch 22. I wanted to check on her every moment while we were in the car…. but it is the safest thing (and the only option) for her to be rear facing.

I literally stopped five times on the way home from my mom’s house that first time. Every time she cried, I stopped. Every time she whimpered, I stopped. Every time she stopped making noises or crying, I stopped. I stopped in a Target parking lot… a Race Track… a restaurant… a QT… and a Wendy’s. It took me nearly an hour and a half to get home.

I eventually realized that noise (or lack of noise) in the car didn’t necessarily mean anything was wrong. However, it would have been SO NICE to be able to see her while I was driving without having to make a million stops. My experience with this is exactly why I am SUPER excited to introduce the Garmin babyCam!

Easing nerves and traveling safely with the Garmin BabyCam #Garminbabycam #IC #ad

The babyCam:

The Garmin babyCam is a navigation system/camera combo that allows you to use the standard (and really awesome) GPS while checking on your little ones in the back via camera. Now that Brooklynn and Grayson are both forward facing, I was initially worried that I wouldn’t have a use for the camera in my car. However, I was wrong. I set the camera up right in front of Brooklynn’s carseat and it works PERFECTLY. Basically, she’s a 2.5 year old that wants to show me things while I’m driving ALL THE TIME. My answer is always “Baby, I’m driving. I can’t turn around and look at you.” Ever since getting the Garmin babyCam in my car, it has made these little glances easy. I simply say “Show it to the camera” and I push the camera button and it quickly shows me a super clear picture of my baby girl. It is awesome. The Garmin babyCam is also on a “timer”, meaning – it switches itself back to navigation mode within a few seconds of showing you your baby. You don’t have to press a thousand buttons trying to get back to the regular screen – it’s programmed to do it for you!

The GPS: 

I love a good GPS. And by “good” GPS I mean one that gives me way more information than I would expect it to give me. That’s what the Garmin babyCam GPS does. It shows you pictures of the exit signs that you’re looking for (which is very helpful in Atlanta traffic!). Another feature of this amazing GPS is how it prompts the driver (aka ME) to check for backseat passengers before getting out of the car. I KNOW that this doesn’t seem like it should be necessary, however, you hear more and more stories on a daily basis about horrible accidents happening in hot cars. SO – I find this to be a GREAT feature that could perhaps save a few precious lives!

A few extra tidbits about the Garmin babyCam:

  • The Garmin babyCam only works with corresponding Garmin products. That means, you can’t hook it up with any other brand of GPS.
  • The camera easily switches from day conditions to night conditions without shining bright lights into the child’s face.
  • The Garmin babyCam can be purchased on the Garmin website. You can find that HERE.


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