The Most HILARIOUS Thing I’ve Done with my Children! #SouthernTravel

Over spring break, my husband surprised us and took us to Callaway Gardens for the weekend. We had a blast exploring the park and spending time with each other. It was so much fun.

— however —

Let me please tell you about the FUNNIEST experience I’ve ever had with my family. It was at a little park not too far from Callaway Gardens. Perhaps you’ve heard of it… The Wild Animal Safari.

The Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, GA is a BLAST. #GeorgiaFamilyFun

I spoke with a few people about going to the Wild Animal Safari a few days before we went. Every single person told me that we NEEDED to go and that it would be the most hilarious thing we’ve ever done with our children. OH… MY… YES.

Okay – so we got there and rented this HIDEOUS zebra car that was absolutely disgusting inside. I was pretty hesitant about even getting inside of the car because I wasn’t sure what wild creatures thatΒ I would find inside of it. I trusted my husband and the advice of the people we spoke to before going on this adventure and got into the car.

We started driving and was offered the chance to buy a $4 spit towel. If I hadn’t talked to multiple people about this park before we went, I totally wouldn’t have spent $4 on a hand towel that I’d never use again.


Okay, so we drove through the gate and there was a HUGE BUFFALO that greeted us. When I say “greeted” us… I mean stuck-his-mouth-inside-the-car-and-begged-for-food.


When you go to the Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, Georgia... RENT their car!

Brooklynn (2.5 YO), wasn’t 100% sure about the animals sticking their heads and mouths in the car with us. She kept telling us “I don’t like de aminals dat wook like cows. I only like de aminals dat wook like Bambi.”

Grayson (13 months), LOVED IT. He kept trying to stick his hands in the animals mouths. Which was gross. But hilarious.

The Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, Georgia is a GREAT place for the whole family!

We laughed the entire time we were on the safari. After we finished the safari, we went over to the “Walk About” and had a more “zoo-like” experience. The tigers were GORGEOUS and the baboon was a character!


This experience was completely worth every penny and it is one that we will most certainly be going back to do again.


  1. renee says:

    The look on Brooklynn’s face in the first picture: that would be me and my oldest child πŸ™‚

    Is the guided tour bus not as up close and personal with the animals? Just wondering why you guys didn’t do that option. I wouldn’t want to take my own car through, but I’m not sure I’d want to take one of those nasty zebra cars either haha!
    And are the animals on the same side of the fence as the cars???? Makes me wonder how that windshield got broken in the zebra car πŸ™‚

    All kidding aside, looks like a fun trip the kids would remember for a long time. We may check it out if it is not too far off of our route to Disney. thanks for sharing.

    • Angela says:

      I’m not 100% sure the difference in the experience on the tour busses vs renting the car. We felt like we could take our time more with the car than we would be able to with the bus. Also — we weren’t sure how the kids were going to do with the animals! So, we wanted to spare everyone’s ears on the bus JUST in case they screamed the entire time! 😊 The zebra car was disgusting but WAY worth it! I would be flipping out if all of the slobber had gotten into my car!

      YES. The animals will literally walk right in front of you as your driving! It’s crazy! There were only a few animals that stayed in a cage at all – the giraffes, lions, and camels! 😊

      It was a blast! I hope you get to check it out!

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