Printable Thomas the Train Inspired Party Pack!

My sweet little Grayson had a “Thomas and Friends” birthday party for his first birthday. It was a blast. He literally went “OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” at all of the decorations the entire time. He had an EPIC cake (that my mom + sister made) that he thoroughly enjoyed SMASHING to the ground.

Thomas Cake

I’v been doing digital designs for a while now… ESPECIALLY with school. I’ve opened a TPT site + have been loving that. I designed all of the paper products that we used for Grayson’s birthday party – which the generic version has just officially been added to my Etsy shop! Let’s celebrate – it’s my first digital file in my shop!

Cover Sheet

Here is an overview of this party pack. Included is:

  • Invitations
  • Thank you notes
  • Goody Bag Toppers (2)
  • Cupcake Toppers
  • Water Bottle wrappers


The invitation is easy to print, cut, and personalize. I did not design/intend for this to be editable on the computer, however, if your fancy with Photoshop then you may be able to add in some typed info. PLEASE NOTE: Do not edit with the intention of selling or giving away my designs in any way. Thanks!


These came out SO CUTE at Grayson’s birthday party. I hot glued a tooth pick to the back of the cupcake toppers and just plopped them on top of the cupcakes and VOILA. Instant decoration.

The water bottle wrappers were a hit, too. I used double sided tape to get the wrapper to initially stick to the bottle. When I wrapped it around, I put a dab of hot glue on the other side of the paper *NOT THE WATER BOTTLE* and it stayed on beautifully.


The goody bag toppers were a hit. I used sandwich bags for the large goody bag toppers. I put a little Thomas notebook, crayons, and a whistle in these bags. The smaller toppers are meant for a 2.5 inch bag. I put little chocolates in that bag — although any small candy would work great!

These toppers are meant to be folded in half and stapled to the top of a bag.


Please remember that if you purchase this item from my shop, that it is a DIGITAL file. I will not be shipping you any sort of finished product. The quality of the final result entirely depends on the paper you choose to use and the quality print you set for your printer.

Check out the Thomas Inspired Party Pack HERE!

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