Personalized Thomas Inspired Birthday Party Pack!

When I was younger, I always wondered what it was about Thomas that made little kids FREAK OUT. As an adult, I’m still having those thoughts. In my house, Thomas is literally like MAGIC. After a long day of playing, I’ll put on an episode of Thomas and both of my children will literally sit in a trance on the floor in front of the TV.

When we go out to dinner with friends, I try to have my children stay entertained via the people around them. However, there are those times that we stay at dinner a LONG time, and my children are DONE sitting and playing/eating quietly in their seats. If I simply put Thomas on my phone, both of my children will sit there for forever the remainder of dinner without making a peep. I don’t use Thomas as a distraction all the time…. but when I do…. it’s MAGIC.

Thomas and Friends Smash Cake

Anyways, like I said in this post, we had a BLAST at Grayson’s first birthday party. He had SMASHING the cake that my sister and mom made him. Actually, we had a blast with the ENTIRE planning of the party. I, in particular, had so much fun designing Grayson’s party products for his big day. I had enough fun that I’m setting out on a new adventure – party printable designs. I have already posted once about my Thomas Inspired Party Pack. This is the generic – quick print – version of my design. You can find it on my Etsy shop HERE. Today I’m here to introduce my newest listing — the personalized printable party pack.

Personalized Thomas and Friends Inspired Party Printables

Here is the personalized version. This is what we had for Grayson’s birthday party — it came out SO CUTE. It includes:

  • Personalized Invitation
  • Thank you notes
  • Goody bag toppers (2)
  • Cupcake toppers (6)
  • Water bottle label

Personalized Thomas and Friends Inspired Party Printables - Goody Bag Toppers

I found some really cute red “Sixlets” at Walmart and put them into tiny jewelry bags (2.5 inches wide). I used the small goody bag topper for that.
I put a small notebook, crayons, and a whistle in a sandwich baggie and then put the goody bag topper (wide) on top of that! It came out so cute.

Personalized Thomas and Friends Inspired Party Printables - Invitation and Thank You Note

When you order the personalized version of this from me, I send you two files (invitation + thank you note) that isn’t quite like the rest of the files. These will be separate .JPEG files that you can send to your favorite printing store if you want. I sent the invitation to be printed via Sams Club and the result was so-so. I’m not a big fan of the “picture” paper. I sent the thank you notes to be printed via Vistaprint and they came out SO WONDERFUL.

Personalized Thomas and Friends Inspired Party Printables - Cupcake Toppers and Water Bottle labels

Go check out this party pack on my Etsy shop. I hope you LOVE it + that your little guy (or gal) will love it just as much as mine did!