Great {free} CLASSROOM Fonts that are found on most computers!

I am very very VERY to the maximum OCD about my classroom. I like need my classroom to look spectacular 100% of the time. When I had my MacBook Pro, creating super cute things for school was quick and painless. I had access to a sea of precious fonts (free or not) that I took full advantage of to decorate my space.

…and then Grayson’s bottle spilled all over my MacBook Pro and I was left computer-less.

When I got my new school-issued computer, I was super disappointed to find out how DIFFICULT it is to download new fonts to the computer. I mean, it’s probably just a matter of contacting the right person to input the correct password to authorize the download… but… WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT?! Not me.

So, unless I use my iMac at home to create my classroom goodies all the time, I was stuck with the fonts that were already preloaded to the PC. I came to really like a few of the fonts that were on my computer – even though they were fonts I have seen most of my life.

Here is a quick reference list of the fonts that I found to work nicely and look pretty on my classroom wall.
{Free} Classic Fonts for the CLASSROOM that are found on most computers!

Are there any fonts that you have found that are included on most computers that you LOVE for school? Leave a comment and let me know! I’d love to try them out!