AWESOME {Free} Downloadable Fonts for the CLASSROOM!

Most of the time, I’m making things for my classroom on the fly. I’m thinking of an idea and making it, printing it, and hanging it up before I’ve even gotten home to my iMac. When that happens, I use the basic fonts that come on most computers that are great for classrooms. HOWEVER, there are times, when I am able to work on stuff for my classroom at home. When I do, I RELY on great free fonts to make my room look great!

FREE FONTS for the classroom

  1. Playfair Display
  2. Sweet Pea
  3. Dotty Dot
  4. Bebas Neue
  5. KG A little Swag
  6. Sketch Fine Serif
  7. Fields of Wildflowers

Let me know {in the comments} of more GREAT fonts for the classroom! I’d love to check them out and give them a try!