5 Great Things to do at Callaway Gardens #GeorgiaFamilyFun

My husband surprised Brooklynn, Grayson, and me by taking us on a weekend trip to Callaway Gardens! I had not been there since I was a little girl and my kids had NEVER been there. We stayed at the Callaway Gardens Lodge and Spa. This is ran by Callaway Gardens + Marriott. We LOVE Marriott hotels, so it worked out nicely. There are SO many fun {+ relatively relaxing} things to do at Callaway Gardens.

->> Day Butterfly Center <<-

I believe that I was the MOST excited in our little party of four about going to see the butterflies. Brooklynn was excited about the thought of going to see them, however, she didn’t really know what I was talking about until she actually experienced it. At the Day Butterfly Center, you can go in and see hundreds of butterflies. Some will fly up to you and just land on you! Kevin made a little friend that didn’t want to leave.

Day Butterfly Center at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA

I thought this was a blast. Brooklynn, however, didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought she would. I think that it’s MY fault, though. I am TERRIFIED of all bugs/crawly/flyey(?) things – except ladybugs and butterflies. So, she knows that her mommy sees a bug and FREAKS OUT. SO…….. she associated butterflies with my fear and she acted terrified the entire time. I think she’ll like it more when she’s a bit older. (All the other 2.5 year olds at the Day Butterfly Center seemed to be having the time of their lives)

->> Nature Walks <<-

There are awesome places to walk ALL OVER Callaway Gardens. Brooklynn and Grayson had a BLAST with this (minus the part that I took their picture a bazillion times – They didn’t like that). We saw so many beautiful flowers – it really inspired me to work harder in my garden!

Nature Walks at Callaway Gardens are beautiful AND relaxing!

->> Birds of Prey <<-

Callaway Gardens is currently doing a renovation to their amphitheater that they do the Birds of Prey exhibit in. So, we didn’t get to see all of the birds. However, it was still very neat!


The Country Kitchen at Callaway Gardens

We didn’t necessarily want to eat at our hotel (it was a bit pricey), so we found this adorable little country kitchen. The view at The Country Kitchen is AMAZING. While you eat, you sit towards the top of a mountain that overlooks a beautiful array of green trees.

During our stay at Callaway Gardens, we actually ate there twice! We ate once for dinner and it was pretty good. I got the cheeseburger that had a fried green tomato on it! The second time we ate at The Country Kitchen was for breakfast. The BREAKFAST is absolutely delicious! I had the “Southern Eggs Benedict”. This was a bed of biscuits topped with egg, sausage, and gravy. OH MY YUM. The only thing I would have changed would have been the degree that the eggs were cooked. These eggs were WELL done.  I always prefer a more runny egg!


TreeT0p Adventure and Zip Lines

We didn’t have the chance to do the TreeTop Adventure and Zip Lines… but it looked like so much fun. Brooklynn was very fascinated with it. She would say “Oooh! Wook, mommy! What dey doin’??”


Brooklynn was not amused with the ENORMOUS amount of pictures that I was taking at Callaway Gardens. She just wanted to enjoy the scenery and play! #GeezMom

We had a BLAST exploring Callaway Gardens. More than anything, we really had the opportunity to bond as a family. Both of our children were able to run around and discover new things about the world that they hadn’t been exposed to before. I highly recommend going here.

Oh yes, while you’re in Pine Mountain, Georgia… you should visit the Wild Animal Safari. Oh yes. It’s a must. Read about our adventure HERE.

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