Why You NEED a Jord Watch in your Wardrobe! #Review #Sponsored

disclosure generic review 4 Before I started teaching, I rarely ever needed to know what the time was. I stayed home and had no idea what time it was 99% of my day. I rarely wore a watch and when I did, I didn’t use it. It was merely for fashion.

Last year, I started my first year of teaching and QUICKLY learned how much I needed a good, high-quality watch. Of course, seeing that I was pregnant… in my first year of teaching… and a mom of a 10 month old… I didn’t quite have the time or energy to go and search for the perfect watch. I made things work, however, I knew that in future years I would need a beautiful, high functioning watch.

I started doing my research about mid-year. I went to various stores and tried on watches. I hated how the watches looked on me. One thing I learned about myself was how PICKY I am about watches. Either it was too flashy, or too silver, or too gold, or too colorful… the list kept going on and on. I also felt like I was in this “stuck” place because I was pregnant + swollen. Usually, my wrists are very small and my hands are tiny. I need jewelry that isn’t too bulky and doesn’t make my hands look even smaller than they already appear. With everything being out of whack and much LARGER than usual… I decided to put my search on hold until I gave birth to my son and had a little time to get my water weight off.


A couple of months after Grayson was born, I was introduced to a company called Jord Watch. I immediately fell in love with the look of these watches. They have a very fancy look about them – however, many of them are very neutral in color. This was a GIANT selling point for me because I felt like they would match with just about every outfit I own. I had a HARD TIME picking my favorite. Honestly, I could have seen myself owning ALL of the watches and having outfits to match each one of them. Ultimately, I ended up choosing the Sidney in Maple & Rose Gold.

The next step in my journey was picking the correct size. I have purchased {cheap} watches in the past at department stores and NEVER WORE them because they were not my size (but since they were cheap, $20 and under, they were not sized-to-fit). I wanted this watch to fit PERFECTLY because I wanted to wear it all the time. I started having a mini-panic attack at the thought of picking the right size. However, Jord has this incredibly accurate way of sizing their watches. You simply print out a PDF, cut the sizer out, wrap it around  your wrist to how and where you’d like the watch to fit, and voila!

Obviously, the Sidney in Maple & Rose Gold is my all time favorite. However, the Cora Series – Koa & Rose Gold is very close in second place! {Can you tell I have a thing for rose gold?}

Cora Series Women's Wood Watches from Jord

Cora Series – Koa & Rose Gold

Cora is our first Lady’s automatic timepiece. Crystal markers bounce light off the lustrous face and the round aperture offers a clear view to the beauty and complication of the automatic movement. Cora’s elegance is grounded by the complex grain in the wood case and band. An earthly jewel; our lady’s automatic timepiece illustrates the seamless blend between function and fashion.

When I told my husband all about the Jord Watches, he was very intrigued at the thought that it was made out of wood. He loves watches. He literally cannot function without one on his wrist. He immediately picked out his favorite — The Delmar Blue.


Delmar Blue

Delmar’s versatility is inherent in the design, making it a true chameleon. The industrial dial complements the angled case and transitional band. We choose saturated carbon fiber colors and muted wood tones to add contrast. The Delmar is fitting for casual attire but can transition seamlessly to suit and tie.

The Jord Watches comes in these INCREDIBLE wooden boxes. It keeps the watches safe and is great for travel!

My watch arrived in a gorgeous wooden box. I loved that because it kept (and still keeps) the watch extremely protected when I’m not wearing it. I also love the wooden box that it arrived in because it is PERFECT to take when traveling.

Traveling. That’s exactly what this watch did this summer! My husband and I took a HUGE road trip this summer. We started in North Georgia and traveled up through Richmond and we stopped in Washington DC for a couple of days. We went from D.C. to Baltimore, Philadelphia, and stayed a few days in New York City. After that, we traveled up to Boston, Massachussetts. I wore my Jord Watch {just about} my entire trip!

The Jord Watch was the perfect addition to my Red Sox outfit - It's actually perfect with ANY outfit!

I took photos of the watch at all of the various locations we stopped at along the way. However, my FAVORITE memory in this watch was at Fenway Park. My husband is a HUGE Red Sox fan and this was his DREAM – to see his Red Sox play in one of America’s most loved ball parks.

Jord Watch overlooking Fenway Park in Boston, Massachussetts.

I was slightly worried that my wrist would sweat under this watch. However, it is so light and well made that I stayed completely dry and clean the entire game – even in the beating down sun!

The Jord Watch is currently overlooking Fenway Park at the top of the Green Monster!

Isn’t that watch just breathtaking? It is the perfect addition to my jewelry collection – and one of my only watches. It fits perfectly and matches nearly every outfit that I put on. Now here’s the question: What is YOUR favorite watch from Jord Watch?

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