How to Make a Shadow Box! {Tutorial}

Bringing Brooklynn home from the hospital was such a precious memory. It was her first real adventure out into the world and I wanted her to look her best! I wanted the perfect “beautiful dress”. I love classy things, but I wanted her outfit to be classy-modern. It was also mid-October and I had NO way of predicting what the Georgia weather would be like!

How to make a Shadow Box! {Tutorial}

I picked out this beautiful white cotton dress from Gap. I snazzed it up with a pink sweater and a pink headband. She had her newborn pictures taken in this dress and we even bought a duplicate in a bigger size because it was just so darn cute. I didn’t want to box up this dress to only look at again when either (a) have another girl or (b) she’s old enough to look through the memories and enjoy them… I wanted to keep this special dress on display for all to see. So, I made it into a shadow box!

How to make a Shadow Box! {Tutorial} Materials

{Listed above} are the materials that you will need to make this. All of it was relatively inexpensive – I paid less for this project than I did for the entire outfit.

How to make a Shadow Box! {Tutorial} Lay the back of the frame on the back side of the fabric.

Cut your fabric to be about an inch wider than the backing of the shadow box on all sides. Iron it as FLAT AS POSSIBLE – get all of those creases out! This will be on display in your home!

How to make a Shadow Box! {Tutorial} Tape the fabric to the back of the frame.

Use tape to adhere the fabric to the frame backing. I just used packing tape – but I’m sure any kind will do just fine. Remember – it really doesn’t matter how the back of the frame looks, nobody will be seeing it.

How to make a Shadow Box! {Tutorial} Pin the garmet the way you want it to look when it is finished.

Next, flip the backing over so that you see the fabric side. Lay your precious outfit on the backing just as you want it to be. Since I had multiple pieces in this outfit, I pinned it all together. I could literally pick up the dress and the sweater would stay perfectly in place how I wanted it to be. Make sure you HIDE THOSE PINS. Choose places to pin the garment together so you can’t see the pins unless you look REALLY hard.

How to make a Shadow Box! {Tutorial} Push the pins through the garmet all the way to the back side of the frame.

Now it’s time to pin the garment to the back of the frame. Use your pliers to FORCE the pin through ALL layers. Remember, choose the spots for your pins wisely! You don’t want them to be seen.

Once you have all of your pins pushed through to the other side, use your pliers to bend the pins so that they lay flat on the backing. Use your tape to secure them to the back side of the frame.

Use your window cleaner to clean the glass thoroughly. I use my FAVORITE homemade cleaner… which you can find HERE.

How to make a Shadow Box! {Tutorial}

Once everything is on there nice and secure, carefully slide your backing into the frame. Before you secure the pins in the back, make sure everything is exactly how you want it on the front. I had to go in and tweak MULTIPLE times before it was perfect!!

Happy decorating!



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