How to Get the BEST Photos with your iPhone!

Please note: I am 100% sure that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is compatible with this tutorial. However, older models I am not as sure about.

I have two tiny tots – and that makes taking their picture VERY difficult. For the longest time, I would get them in just the right position and then take one shot, them move at the exact moment I press the little white button on my iPhone, only for the photo to be blurry and crazy. It is frustrating.

I also HATE to miss capturing great shots of special moments my kids are having. Before I learned about this really neat iPhone trick… I missed a lot of shots! Don’t get me wrong, I still miss more shots than I’d like… But it has been drastically reduced by this one simple change!

Here is the photo that I ended up choosing from this video:

Steps for taking great iPhone photos of babies, toddlers, + kids:

  1. Position the kiddos in the way you want them {note: how you really imagine them being positioned in the photo will very possibly (in reality) end up being nothing like you imagine. Embrace randomness!}
  2. Open your camera.
  3. Tap on your iPhone screen where you would like the focus in the photo to be.
  4. Instead of tapping on the white circle once to shoot a picture… hold it down. You can hold it down for a couple of seconds or a few minutes – however long you feel you need to get some good shots!
  5. When you’re ready to look at your pictures, open your iPhoto Library on your phone. You will see that the photos that you used the multi-shot feature has a “select” button at the bottom of the screen. Tap that and then select all of your favorite photos.
  6. Push “done” and then “keep only favorites”.
  7. Then, you can open that photo in either the iPhoto Library and edit it, or, you can open it in another favorite photo editing app! Here are a few {free} apps that I like: Camera Awesome, VSCO Cam, Photoshop Mix, Studio Design, + Instagram.

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