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When Brooklynn was born, I was TERRIFIED about putting her in her big girl crib in her own room. T E R R I F I E D. When we made that transition, the video baby monitor that we installed made the entire difference.

When I found out I was pregnant with Grayson, I had no doubt in my mind that a wifi baby monitor was absolutely necessary in his room. The only way that I survived Brooklynn’s transition was her monitor {notice I said the only way I survived}. Although we absolutely love Brooklynn’s monitor, we wanted to try something different in Grayson’s room.


Meet the Gynoii Baby Monitor.

The Gynoii Smart Video Baby Monitor with Time Lapse was designed to be a multi-functioning monitor. For one, it does the obvious – videos your little one sleeping and allows you to peek in on them whenever you choose without disturbing their sleep. You simply download the Gynoii App and connect your device to your camera. It’s that simple! This is ultimately the biggest thing I look for in a baby monitor. For anyone who has napping babies and toddlers, you know that sometimes the smallest little sounds will wake them from their sleep and RUIN nap time for the day. {This is Brooklynn 100% – I literally cannot move from the couch while she is sleeping or else she thinks she’s missing the party!}

This baby monitor also supports social media sharing, two way talk, lullabies, sound and motion alert, snapshot and recording, and multiple users can access the camera.

Gynoii Smart Time-Lapse Baby Monitor

Gynoii Smart Time-Lapse Baby Monitor

Something fabulous about the Gynoii baby monitor is the time-lapse feature.

Y’all. This is so neat.

You can hit the time-lapse record button on the Gynoii Baby App and the camera will start recording. You simply leave it recording for however long you please. Then, when you stop the recording the app puts the video into a condensed version. Basically, it’s like your baby’s entire night sleep in 30-45 seconds.

How neat is that??

Of COURSE, I wanted to try this out as soon as I could. Let me be honest, I tried about 50 times to record Grayson on the time-lapse during his naps and at night. BUT… we swaddle him and so his time lapse videos are literally just him laying in one stationary spot all night long. At this time, he makes for a very BORING time-lapse. I am sure that will change once we don’t swaddle him anymore. So, I put the camera in Brooklynn’s room and videoed her sleeping. Typically, she’s like a ninja in her sleep. I thought that would make for a MUCH more entertaining time-lapse!

We absolutely love the Gynoii baby monitor – it is exactly what we were looking for. OH – did I mention my FAVORITE part about the monitor??

The clip.

Say what?

Almost all of the other baby camera monitors that I have either researched or owned has been one that either has to (a). sit on a shelf/dresser or (b). be screwed into the wall. Rest assured, the Gynoii baby monitor camera is capable of doing both of those things – BUT – it also CLIPS to the side of the crib!


I absolutely LOVE this feature, especially while Grayson is an infant, because of the many many locations that he sleeps in on any given day. He has his crib, which I will put him in if his sister is not napping (their rooms are right next to each other and if he wakes up and cries he WILL WAKE HER UP). If that’s where he’s sleeping, I will clip the monitor to his crib and go on with my business. I don’t have to worry about not hearing him because my phone alerts me anytime he moves or makes a peep. His bassinet is in the master bedroom. So, I can easily clip it onto the side of that and go about my business (such as cleaning the house or chasing after an 18 month old). He has a pack-n-play in the kitchen/dining room area. If he happens to go to sleep in that, I can clip the monitor on the side and continue business as usual. It’s great!


Once he establishes a more consistent napping pattern and once we transition him into his own crib, we will attach the monitor to the wall. But for now, this is absolutely fantastic.

I definitely encourage you to check out the Gynoii Smart Baby Video Monitor with Time Lapse for the little ones in your life!

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