Where has Wee Share been??


Hello there, sweet readers!

As many of you [may have] noticed, I have not posted here at Wee Share in a few months. I have had a whole long LIST of things that have been going on ~ all of which has prevented me from sitting down and typing out the latest news and reviews. I am very sorry!

As many of you know, this year was my first year as a full-time teacher… WHOA. That is beyond overwhelming. My brain has been on overdrive since the end of July. Add to the fact that this was my first year teaching… I found out in August that I was EXPECTING!

First year teaching stress + pregnancy hormones + Brooklynn = One BUSY lady!

Seriously, y’all… my mind has been MUSH since July.

Our little Grayson made his big appearance in March… and the weekend before he came my 2012 MacBook Pro CRASHED. I took it home for the weekend… nothing happened to it {I didn’t even do any school work}… and BOOM. I got to work on Monday morning, plugged it in, and nothing. It was plugged in for 3 hours and still… nothing. SO – my plan B was to use my husband’s computer. Sure, it was an old Dell that did not have Photoshop or all of my photos OR the speed and efficiency that my MacBook had… but it was going to have to do. Then BOOM. His computer crashed. Which was a really HORRIBLE thing since he is in his last semester of graduate school.

We bought a very cheap replacement computer (until the MacBook gets fixed)… and here I am!!!


So, I apologize. We are doing great and we are back! So expect plenty of reviews, DIYs, and family update posts! {Although, forgive the lack of creative photos… Photoshop is still on my broken MacBook!}




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