From Bump To Baby: Grayson’s Birth Story

grayson and brooklynn

I had a goal. A hope. A dream. A constant prayer to have Grayson’s birth story be dramatically different than Brooklynn’s. In my mind, I had imagined that I would be 38 – 39 weeks pregnant and suddenly my water would BREAK! I would rush to the hospital and deliver a perfectly healthy baby boy on my own. I did not wish that the delivery would be pain-free… I did not pray that it would even go super quick. I desperately wanted nature to do it’s thing – that I could do exactly what my body was designed for — delivering babies.

The way I pictured Grayson’s birth is not how our story went.

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It was a Wednesday. I woke up that morning feeling different. Being almost 40 weeks pregnant… feeling “different” isn’t something out of the ordinary. I went to work (I’m a 3rd grade teacher). Knowing that maternity leave was coming at any time… I had a TON of stuff to do. Papers to copy, lessons to finish, and 24 students to prepare for my absence.

Around lunch time, I had a contraction that did not feel like a Braxton Hicks — it started in my back and came around to the front of my stomach and took my breath away. I immediately got SUPER excited, whipped out my pregnancy app, and started timing! They started out at about 20 minutes apart. They got closer together and stronger — this was one EXCITED mama!

By around 7pm, my contractions were about 5 minutes apart. The contractions were pretty painful – they were definitely back contractions… except they felt different than I remembered. My lower stomach had SO much pressure. After 2 hours of the contractions being 5 minutes apart, I called Labor & Delivery. The midwife was not convinced that I was in labor because my contractions only lasted about 45 seconds each. SO, she suggested that I try a warm bath for 45 minutes – timing the contractions. If they got worse ~ that meant I was in labor and needed to come on in. If they got better ~ that meant that it was false labor.

The bath didn’t make the contractions stop… but they didn’t get worse. So, I assumed that it was just false labor. Although my pain was still pretty bad in my lower stomach… I decided to crawl in the bed and sleep it off. I mean, it was false labor and all.

About 2 hours after I got into the bed, the pain/contractions picked back up. I started feeling incredibly nauseous. SO nauseous. I was also freezing…. and then burning up… and then nauseous. I took my temperature… 101.8 F.


I immediately had my husband take my to the hospital. They determined that I was not in labor… but something was clearly wrong. They did all the tests in the book (I had multiple GIANT bruises on my arm to prove it) and they couldn’t find anything necessarily “wrong”. They put me on 4 rounds of antibiotics to try and treat EVERYTHING that could be causing the fever.

By this time, my pain had elevated tremendously. Since I wasn’t in labor, clearly the pain had something to do with the fever. They knocked me out for a few hours to help me rest.

The next morning, the doctors decided to go ahead and induce labor. The fear was that the infection could have been in my uterus. This was the first thing I did not want. However, my baby’s life had to come before my delivery wishes. So, they started Pitocin.

26 hours after they started the Pitocin, I finally got to 9 centimeters. We expected baby G would make his appearance within 30 minutes.

FOUR HOURS LATER… I was not only NOT holding my sweet fella yet… but I was regressing! Everything was going backwards!

The doctors told me that we didn’t really have a choice, they needed to take him via C-Section.


Have you ever felt such disappointment that you could do nothing but cry? I was in this spot that I was going to have to have a C-section regardless of my feelings about it because it was what was going to be best for my baby. But the mere thought of having a C-section was 1000x more terrifying than anything I could think of having to do.


brookynn and grayson easter

Grayson Vincent Glaze was born at 4:10pm on March 13, 2015. He was 8 pounds 12 ounces and 21 inches long. I am so disappointed to say that my husband and I did not get to witness his birth or hear his first cries or see his sweet face first. I couldn’t handle the epidural (as I couldn’t handle it with Brooklynn’s birth) and had to be put to sleep.

Grayson experienced a few complications in his first few days of life – most likely from the traumatic labor and birth. He had trouble breathing due to the C-section, he had low blood sugar, and he was jaundice. He spent 4 days in the NICU. By the fourth day, he passed all of his tests and was released to go home!


After a week in the hospital, we walked out with a beautiful baby boy. We are so very thankful for this blessing and we are excited to do life with our sweet little munchkins!


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