Perler Bead Area Activity Magnets #HandsOnLearning

Like I said in this post, I have been re-vamping how I am teaching math in my 3rd grade classroom. Since we have been doing a unit on area, Perler Beads have come VERY much in handy! This activity was one of the first area centers that the students did because it was a BIG time introduction to what area is and HOW we find it!

Perler Bead Area Activity Magnets

Each student at my center got a “checklist” with a list of square unit shapes they needed to make. I told them to stick with squares and rectangles so that I could check their work and know that they understand what they are doing. They were also instructed to do each bullet of the checklist in a different color.


Once they found a spot for each thing on the list, they were allowed to fill in their square the rest of the way however they wanted to.

I suggested to the students to start in one of the corners of their Perler bead square pegboard and work their way across and down. HOWEVER, some did not listen. That is why {if you look in the picture above} some of their “squares” and “rectangles” are not actually square or rectangle. However, many students did it correctly without having to make odd shapes.

To get the Perler Bead Checklist, click HERE!



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