Making Teaching Easier with the Epson WorkForce WF 3620! {Review}

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As a teacher, it is a part of the job description to be able to adapt to anything that is thrown your way. As a first year teacher, I have had to change my original plans, what feels like, a million times. I have written elaborate and beautiful lesson plans only to realize that I forgot to pencil in the school assembly… or my group of students can’t handle the type of activity… or {dun dun dun}forgot to run the copies for one of my beautifully written lesson plans!

At my school, we have our classrooms in “pods”. Each pod has a central, community printer. I do not like having to leave my students in my classroom without me, even for just a second, especially at the beginning of the year. However, sometimes it has to be done. So, if I forgot to run copies for a certain lesson plan, I would print the master copy to the community pod printer. However, that does not solve my problem completely. The copier is located at the front of the school. So, if I forgot to make copies for a certain activity that was beautifully written in to my lesson plans, I would need to find someone to watch my class while I book-it to the front of the school to make copies as quick as humanly possible.

It is much easier to change the plans altogether than try to print and make copies on the school resources when it’s a less-than-ideal-time to do so.

Another printing problem I’ve had to adapt to this year is copy limits. I am sure many school systems have this. For the first few weeks of school, we had a copy limit of 250 copies. Total. For those few weeks (not per week). My entire allotment of copies was gone within the first couple days of school (due to parent letters and other basic housekeeping first-week-of-school stuff).

To be honest, I was frustrated. I kept thinking, HOW am I supposed to do my job without the ability to make copies? THANKFULLY, the system was just having first-of-the-year glitches, and they upped our copies to 700/month. (So thankful! Yay!!!). 

However, I still wanted a solution to my quick printing needs. Something that could keep me in the classroom with my students, even when I make a forgetful mistake such as not making my copies beforehand. So, I started searching around for the best products on the market that would be useful, practical, affordable, and quick in my classroom to help me meet all of my printing and copying needs.


I have always had Epson printers. Personally, they are my favorite. They are easy to work with, have reasonable prices for ink, and are not giant and bulky. So, I contacted Epson. I told them my situation and asked them which printer would be the perfect solution for my classroom printing needs. Let me tell you, I have NOT been disappointed!!!


The Epson WorkForce WF-3620


    • Get Performance Beyond Laser — the WorkForce WF-3620, powered by PrecisionCore
    • Print-shop quality — print documents and graphics in high resolution with precise dot placement
    • Save on ink — up to 40 percent lower printing cost vs. color laser1
    • Wireless and Wi-Fi Direct® 4 — print from iPad®, iPhone®, tablets and smartphones2
    • Fast printing — professional-quality prints at speeds of 19 ISO ppm (black) and 10 ISO ppm (color)†
    • Versatile paper handling — 250-sheet capacity, plus rear tray for specialty paper including envelopes, labels and card stock
    • Auto 2-sided print, copy, scan and fax — includes 35-page 2-sided Automatic Document Feeder
    • Easy navigation and control — intuitive 2.7″ color touchscreen
    • Extremely durable prints — smudge, fade and water resistant prints
    • Laser-sharp black and color text — crisp fonts and precise lines on plain paper

This printer quickly hooks up and prints from both of my computers in my classroom (I have 1 PC and 1 Mac). I can change the settings of how the printer prints depending on what I am trying to do. For example, when I am making folder covers or pretty wall decorations for my room, I use the high quality setting of the printer. This uses a bit more ink, however, the prints are GORGEOUS. Like, professionally-printed-gorgeous. I also change the settings of my printer when I want to make quick copies for the class. I set it on Fast Grayscale and it spits out the copies extremely fast and it saves a ton of ink!

Because of how frequent I use this printer, I purchase the XL black ink. I print a NUMEROUS amount of class sets of copies on this printer daily and the XL ink has held up great and lasts a long time (especially when I set the printer to Fast Grayscale!). 

If you’re like me and having to adapt to your printing needs at your school, I highly recommend checking out the Epson WorkForce WF-3620 Printer. It has made my life in the classroom SO. MUCH. EASIER.

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