Sleeping Easier with the D-Link Baby Monitor Camera! {Review} #FromBumpToBaby

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Before Brooklynn was born, we received a fabulous gift from my mom and Kevin’s mom at our first baby shower. It was a super nice bassinet that fit perfectly beside our bed.

As Brooklynn grew out of her bassinet, we had to start thinking about moving her into her own room.


I mean, she had been an arms length away from me her entire life. And now? She was going a whole ROOM away from us! We went and got a standard baby monitor (walkie talkie style), and decided to go for it.

I slept awful.

I got out of my bed and checked on her a BILLION times that night. I was exhausted the next day.

I was really worried about her in her crib for multiple reasons. First, she is very active. She rolls around everywhere and wiggles all night long. I had heard all of those horror stories of SIDS that were crib-related. It made me a nervous wreck. We did our research about bumpers, and at first, decided against them. Then, Brooklynn would wake up with huge red spots on her head where she rolled into the wood of her crib and hit her head. We quickly changed our mind about bumpers. All of this made me even more on edge.

THEN, I was introduced to the D-Link Baby Monitor Camera. We have had the opportunity to test it out and tell all of you how we feel about it. Can I just say… WE LOVE IT!


Y’all. Life immediately got easier. I was able to sleep at night because I had my iPad set up right next to my head. I could hear everything going on in her room – and even better – I could SEE everything that was going on in her room. I could put music on for her if she got fussy and I can even hit the microphone icon and TALK to her. I can record what she’s doing in her crib (just in case it’s sweet or hilarious).

My husband’s favorite part is he can check on her while she’s sleeping when he’s at work. Y’all. It’s that awesome.

Nap time is now easier, too. I can get housework done and even go outside to work on my yard without being a nervous wreck about Brooklynn being inside napping in her room. Why? Because I am kept up-to-date at all times with the D-Link baby monitor being right there to show me what’s going on in her room.

D-Link DCS 825L Wi-Fi baby Camera

D-Link DCS 825L Wi-Fi baby Camera


More About the Wi-Fi Baby Camera

  • HD Resolution/Pinch-Zoom* – Provides rich detail and high image quality; pinch and zoom capabilities to see things up close
  • Mobile App Support – Three easy steps to set up the camera and then enjoy local or remote monitoring of your baby on a mobile device with the free mydlink Baby Camera Monitor app (available for iOS and Android devices)
  • MicroSD Card Slot – Automatically records video on a microSD card when motion or sound is detected; replay recorded video clips
  • Record Video Clips – The mydlink Baby Camera Monitor app allows you to take snapshots or video clips and save directly to your mobile device for viewing and sharing
  • Automatic Night Vision – See your baby up to 15 feet away in the dark via night mode
  • Micro USB Power Input – Ideal for traveling and on-the-go monitoring, the baby camera can be powered by an external battery pack (not included)
  • Temperature Sensor and LED* – Temperature display available on the Baby Camera Monitor app; receive push alerts when temperature levels are outside the set range
  • Instant Push Alerts – Receive push notifications anytime noise or motion is detected
  • Sound/Motion Detection – Sound/motion sensor triggers push alerts or recording
  • Lullabies – Five pre-recorded lullabies to help soothe child
  • Two-Way Audio – Listen to and talk to your baby
  • mydlink Service – Remotely watch your baby on your mobile device via 3G, Wi-Fi, or 4G LTE
  • Color Coordinated – Apply pink or blue rings to personalize camera for your baby’s room

Availability and Pricing
The D-Link Wi-Fi Baby Camera (DCS-825L) is now available for $179.99 at,,,, and throughout D-Link’s vast network of retail and e-tail outlets in the United States. Detailed specifications are available online at The VGA Wi-Fi Baby Camera (DCS-820L) will also be available throughout D-Link’s channel starting in May for $129.99.



I am so thankful that my sweet princess loves her big girl crib – AND that I feel safe with her in it because of the D-Link Baby Monitor camera. I seriously love it and cannot imagine life without it.

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