My Journey.

Angela here.

As many of you know, I had my sweet little princess, Brooklynn, in October of 2013. I hosted the #FromBumpToBaby event here at Wee Share throughout my pregnancy with all intentions of writing my little heart out about motherhood while Brooklynn was snoozing or quietly playing with her toys.


Although I had every good intention of being a super mom + wife + daughter + sister + friend + student + business owner and blogging about it every step of the way… I ended up taking an UNintentional break from Wee Share. This was mainly to focus on figuring out how in the WORLD to be everything that I truly needed to be {most importantly, a mom} and learning how to juggle all of the new things that were happening in my life.


My sweet girl has grown SO MUCH in the last 8 months! To get you (a little) caught up, here are here {Birth – 8 month} photos!










Brooklynn is growing SO FAST. She is nearly 8 months old and the spitting image of her daddy!

I was supposed to do my student teaching in the fall of 2013 — the semester that my daughter was due in. I really wanted to get it done and over with before Brooklynn arrived. HOWEVER — God’s plans aren’t always our plans. Many phone calls and tears later — my student teaching was moved to the spring of 2014. I was NOT happy about this change but I decided that I had to trust in the Lord that this was HIS will for me. I was mortified at the thought of having to leave Brooklynn for 4.5 months during the day instead of 3 simple weeks.

It’s funny how the situation you do NOT want to be in ends up being such a blessing. 

The Lord knew that I needed to wait until the spring to do my student teaching. Everything about my first student teaching placement was changed when I switched semesters: school system, school, teacher, everything. I was moved to a school that I did not think I would love. It is the type of school that hardly ever has openings because everyone who is employed there has a passion for the type of students that are enrolled. I did not think I was called for that kind of school. However… In the end, the students absolutely stole my heart. I laughed with them, I cried with them, I grew with them, and did not want to leave them. There are still times I think about their stories and their home lives and I get so choked up. I pray for them all. the time. The Lord just knew that I needed to experience what was at this spring semester school.

The faculty and staff were absolutely phenomenal. They showed me such love and kindness every single day I was at this school. They didn’t treat me like a “student teacher”… they treated me like a colleague. Like someone who was already finished, certified, and employed at their school.

My mentor teacher. OHH my mentor teacher! She was absolutely a gift. A precious woman who helped me grow into someone who could handle my own classroom with my own students. SHE is exactly what the Lord knew I needed in a mentor teacher. Someone who compliments my personality – someone who loves Him and puts Him first in all things. Someone who taught me things about life outside of the classroom. Someone who gave me great advice and was able to tell me the hard things in ways that encouraged me. If I ever have my own student teacher – I will model my behavior after my mentor teacher.



I am so SO happy to say that I graduated with my Bachelors in Early Childhood Education! My sweet girl gives the best congratulation kisses! 🙂

Things are starting to slow down for us — Brooklynn and I are getting into more of a routine now and I am able to focus for more than 5 minutes without falling asleep! SO – consider my unintentional break from Wee Share over. Thank you all so much for your love and support over the years!

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