Craft Room Solutions: DIY Mini Fabric Bolts


E V E R Y W H E R E.

That’s how I felt when I first started setting up my NEW craft room. I used to just have this sort-of-closet space for my crafting where I had to do sewing, beading, scrapbooking, office work, and anything else crafty in. All at the same desk.

It worked ok for a while, but, then my Etsy shop {Designing Tomorrow} started doing better and better and suddenly I had too much to do and not nearly enough space. 

SO – my hubby and I moved into our new little abode the very first thing on my list of requirements was that I HAD to have a craft room. Like, no exceptions, no questions asked.

When I started unloading all of my many many many boxes of craft supplies {we had more boxes for the craft room than any other room in the whole house. Including the master bedroom}, I was overloaded with how much fabric I had. I did not know what to do with all of it!


I saw a few different pins on Pinterest for mini fabric bolts and decided to give it a try. MAINLY because it looked really cute on all the blogs that I saw it on -and- it was extremely cost efficient.


I purchased about 20 of the 20×30 foam core boards from The Dollar Tree ~ Which is the BEST price out there. I cut them down to 10×12 inches with my rotary cutter. I folded my fabric around them and secured it with a sewing pin.

I absolutely LOVE it.

It is so easy to find my fabrics and it has brought so much color to my craft room! This is NOT all of my fabric — I am still working on getting the rest of it put on the bolts! BUT – I’m loving the progress! {The gigantic cube shelf is from Ikea}



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