Baby On a Budget: Using the Silhouette to Dress Up a Plain High Chair #FromBumpToBaby

Babies are EXPENSIVE.

There are many things that are essential for babies such as carseats, clothes, diapers, etc. Some of those things need to be invested in and spent money on — such as a good carseat to make sure that your child is safe during trips in the car.

One of the things that Kevin and I did NOT feel that we needed to spend a large amount of money on was a high chair. We went and looked at all the different high chairs that are at all the major baby stores. We thought a certain color scheme would be great… or one with lots of padding… or one that would match our dining room. Then, we sweetly imagined how adorable Brooklynn would look in the expensive high chair with food E V E R Y W H E R E.

Yeah, no.

We were not going to spend a ton of money on a piece of furniture for Brooklynn to get food ALL. OVER.

SO, we went to Ikea and bought this:


Antilop High Chair with Safety Belt

It is P L A I N.

It is P L A S T I C.

I don’t do plain very well for my little princess.


I decided to dress it up a bit. I purchased the “B“, “V“, & “G” monograms from the Silhouette store. I purchased some outdoor vinyl so that I could easily clean off the high chair without worrying about the monogram coming off. Then, I measured how big I wanted it to be on the high chair. I cut out the monogram on my Silhouette and voila!


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