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I have to admit– I love the whole idea behind Valentine’s Day.  Really, it’s just an excuse to do something I feel we should be doing every day of the year– celebrating love and the people around us that we care about.

This will be the sixteenth Valentine’s Day that I have celebrated with Darren.  Sixteenth.  What that boils down to is that I’ve spent more Valentine’s Days with him than without him.  That’s pretty awesome in my book.

When we first began dating, we would always go out, celebrate with chocolates and flowers, and eat dinner at a nice restaurant.  We’d wait, usually hours, alongside other couples who had the same idea.

It simply wasn’t for me.

Now, we have a family and a little girl who absolutely loves holidays.  I want to celebrate and make the day memorable and special, just not by going out to dinner and buying what I would call the “traditional” Valentine’s Day gifts.

Instead, we enjoy a nice meal right at home.  We may splurge on something we don’t normally cook, such as really good steaks.  I love it because we eat really good, there’s no wait, the company is amazing, and we don’t have to wait hours on end to get a table.

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When it comes to gifts, we also shy away from the candy and flowers.  Those things are severely overpriced this time of year, and while I do enjoy them, I would rather get them when the mark-up isn’t so ridiculous.

What we like to do is head to Kohl’s.

Kohl’s has long been my destination for unique holiday gifts, and Valentine’s Day is no exception.  At the Kohl’s Valentine’s Day Gift Shop, you can pick up gifts for the whole family, kitchenware for baking, and décor for your home.

Want to see some of the amazing and truly special gift ideas that Kohl’s has to offer?

Kohl's Valentine's Day Shop

1. H2O Plus Sea Marine Must Haves 5 Piece Set  2. 14k Rose Gold Over Silver & Sterling Silver 1/10-ct. T.W. Diamond Infinity Heart Pendant  3. Fall in Love 2 Canvas Wall Art by Louise Carey  4. Cake Boss Professional 9 Inch Nonstick Heart Cake Pan  5. Dopp Alpha Leather Money Clip Wallet  6. Carter’s “Be Mine” Bodysuit & Tutu Leggings Set


There is truly something for everyone!

We found out on our trip to Disney Social Media Moms last year just how amazing the H2O line of products is.  I think Darren would really enjoy this set… though I just might steal it from him!

And the cake pan?  I’m not sure who would love it more– me or Raileigh.  She’s a budding little baker, and I can imagine that if we had this pan, every last cake we make would be heart-shaped.

There are truly thousands of Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas in the Kohl’s Valentine’s Day Gift Shop.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, there is going to be a super fun #LoveKohls twitter party!  On February 13 from 1pm until 2pm eastern, you can party it up, talking about Kohl’s, love, and all things Valentine’s Day!  You’ll want to follow @Kohls and tweet using the #LoveKohls hashtag to get in on the action.

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