Healthcare Clinic Atlanta: Ways to Save on Time and Healthcare Costs for Educators

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Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher.  I played school, did some tutoring in high school, and eventually went on to get my degree in education.  It was only when doing my student teaching that I realized I had no desire to be a classroom teacher.  I was married, but didn’t have any children at the time.  However, I knew that when I did have a child, I wanted to be their teacher.  This past year, that desire to be a homeschool teacher has came true.

While teaching in a homeschool environment is in many ways extremely different than teaching in a public classroom, there are several similarities as well.  One major similarity is that all educators, no matter where you teach or how many students you have, spend a lot of hours planning out every lesson.  Couple that with the time they actually spend teaching, and there is very little time left in the day.

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Left to right: Studying the phases of Venus with Sandwich Cookies, Painting with a blindfold during Helen Keller study, Creating a straw pan flute during Mozart study


That’s why I am very thankful for Healthcare Clinic Atlanta.  Let me tell you why.

Healthcare Clinic Atlanta is conveniently located inside my local Walgreens, a store that is within very close proximity to my home.  They offer Healthcare Professionals that truly help to make family medical care easy.  Healthcare Clinic doesn’t keep traditional office hours– open through 5pm most weekdays and often closing early on Friday.  Instead, they are open SEVEN DAYS a week and that includes weeknights!

I love this because I certainly don’t keep doctor’s office hours and really appreciate that Healthcare Clinic Atlanta understands this.  If I’m not feeling well, I cannot always seek out a doctor’s appointment during the day.  My husband is a work, and the last thing I want to do is cancel school for the day and haul my child off to the doctor’s office, where she’ll likely pick up an assortment of germs that we’ll pass around for weeks.  Instead, I can wait for my husband to get home and then head to my local Healthcare Clinic.

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This is also nice for traditional classroom teachers as well because they are able to stop on the way home from work to seek treatment, get medical advice or vaccines, or get a physical.  Plus, since treatment is available for patients 18 months and older, you can also take a child that isn’t feeling well in at a time that works with your busy schedule.

Since Healthcare Clinic Atlanta is located within Walgreens, you can enjoy the on-site pharmacy and get your prescriptions filled without having to make another stop.  I’ll admit– sometimes when we get a new prescription, we won’t begin using it as soon as we should simply because I have to make multiple additional stops to get it filled.  With the Healthcare Clinic, I can get it filled quickly and easily, and then be on my way.

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Another perk of the #HealthcareClinic being located within Walgreens is that you can easily pick up additional things that you need after stopping at the Healthcare Clinic.  Whether it’s a gallon of milk, new pencils for school, or disinfecting wipes to help keep the germs away, I can get it at Walgreens.  This is great for busy educators who simply don’t have time to make numerous stops.

So, how does Healthcare Clinic Atlanta work for you?


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  1. Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom says:

    I hate waiting rooms when my kids are sick. Not only are they miserable waiting and being away from home, but they’re also at risk of picking something else up. I love how this can be avoided by visiting a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic! #client

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