Disney Inspired Girls Running Fashion- Mulan

Mulan Inspired Girls Running Fashion

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Mulan is one of those princesses that doesn’t get quite as much attention.  But you see, we kind of love her.

Several years ago, Raileigh begged for a Mulan costume for her birthday.  But y’all– I have this little blonde haired girl that looks nothing like Mulan.  So I talked her into a costume from one of the more traditional princesses that favored her a bit more.

However, she never stopped letting me know how much she wanted a Mulan costume and how she really wished that we’d gotten her one for her birthday.

When the costumes went on sale after Halloween, I ordered that Mulan costume and wrapped it up as a special surprise for Christmas morning.

She was beyond ecstatic when she opened that costume and promptly wore it all around the house.  She has since worn it to meet Mulan in EPCOT on a recent trip to Walt Disney World.  It was priceless.

I need to listen to my daughter when she tells me what she wants and not just get her what I think she needs or wants the most.  Lesson learned.


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