Disney Inspired Girls Fashion- Rosetta the Garden Fairy

Rosetta Inspired Girls Fashion

Floral Lace Tee by Forever 21 $8.80
Multi Colored Ruffled Tutu by The Children’s Place $19.95
Metallic T-Strap Sandals by Carter’s $32
Flower Headband by Oshkosh $12.50
Antique Brass Floral Necklace by Jewelry by NaLa $29.50


Oh Rosetta.

When Raileigh first became smitten with fairies, it was Rosetta that she really, truly loved.  Of course, she likes all the fairies, but Rosetta was the first to hold her heart.

Now, “Roe” as she calls her is one of several favorites.  But, this dainty little fairy with an affinity for fashion and flowers and a distaste for getting dirty reminds me so much of my little one that she will forever be the at the top of my list.