Addition in 2nd Grade: Scoot Game {Free Printable Download}

I’m doing my student teaching in 2nd grade this semester — and I just completed a unit about addition with regrouping. At the beginning of the unit, the students practiced their fast facts and addition without regrouping to give them a better foundation about addition before we tacked on the more challenging concepts.


A few tips that I learned in the classroom about this download:

  • Do a run through of this game MULTIPLE times before you actually try to play it. Give the students very CLEAR directions and PRACTICE it. Once they get it — it will go GREAT! But before they fully understand the game, they will get VERY confused.
  • Depending on the level of your students, you can add time or take it away. The first time my class played this, I set the timer for 1 minute. The students needed more time {because they were still figuring out the rules}. The second time we played this, I set the timer for 30 seconds. They felt like they needed to focus to get it done in time and there wasn’t a lot of “down” time either. It was great!

Note: The game pieces were designed on my home software by me. You are COMPLETELY allowed to use this in your classroom and share with friends. However, just do not attempt to sell any of my creations – as this is a free download for all to enjoy! 🙂 Thanks!

You can download this game HERE!

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