Show & Tell: My Sweet Brooklynn Standing Up! {Video}

Ever since Brooklynn was born, she has been incredibly strong! On the day she was born, my mom was holding her and she lifted her head completely off of my mom and started looking around. We have not had to hold her head even once since she was born.

She started wanting to stand up about a month ago. She has gotten to the point that if she could only figure out how to balance herself, she could easily stand up by herself.

When she was about 9 weeks old, she started trying to slide off of my legs and stand up by herself. Now, at 11 weeks, she has gotten really good at it! Here’s a video of her doing it:


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  1. Sue Hull says:

    Holy moly! She’s going to walk early. My daughter took her first steps at 10 months old and never stopped. She’s so cute! Happy New Year to you & Desi and your families šŸ™‚

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