FROZEN “Let It Go” In 25 Languages

FROZEN poster

Are you as smitten with Walt Disney’s newest movie FROZEN as we are?

We’ve already seen the movie twice in theaters and have pre-ordered our copy as well.  Numerous pieces of FROZEN merchandise can be found around my house and my daughter and I walk around singing the movie’s soundtrack all day long.

Yes… I suppose you could say we’re slightly obsessed.

Let It Go is hands down my favorite song from the movie… though FROZEN is filled with many amazing tracks that we all enjoy.  There’s just something about Let It Go.  It’s incredible, and I might venture to say that it’s my favorite song from any Disney animated feature.

Yesterday, this absolutely amazing rendition of Let It Go was shared with me.  This version features the song being sung in TWENTY-FIVE different languages.  It just goes to show you that this song is beautiful and captivating no matter which language it is sung in.


Make sure to connect with FROZEN for more fun features and news as the DVD and Blu-Ray release draws near.

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