From Bump To Baby: Like Mother Like Daughter

When Brooklynn was first born, she came out looking JUST like my husband, Kevin. There were tiny resemblances to me — like her nose, for instance. But, her face dominantly looked like Kevin’s.

There are still times {almost 3 months later} that I feel like I’m looking at my husband’s face when I look at my little girl. It’s something about their eyes — they are dominant and JUST ALIKE.

About a month ago, my mom found a picture of me screaming my head off when I was about Brooklynn’s age. I could hardly BELIEVE the resemblance between the two of us when we are angry! 😉


Crazy, right? My mom said she had to do a double take because without KNOWING that the photo was of me — she would have thought it was Brooklynn.

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  1. Sandra VanHoey says:

    Wow, in these pics she sure does look JUST like you..isn’t that something.She sure looks like her mommy here

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