Disney Inspired Girls Fashion- Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington Inspired Girls Fashion

Striped Ribbon-Waist Dress by GAP Kids $29.95
Colorblock Bow Headband by Gymboree $8
Caralynn Lace and Glitter Ballet Flat by Target $14.99
Stripes and Dots Eternity Scarf by Justice $18.90
Dress Up Cardigan by Carter’s $28


Raileigh was first exposed to Jack Skellington last October.  We took her to a production of Disney On Ice and there was a segment featuring Disney Villains.  Jack Skellington was the host and he came out, singing, followed by many of the other well-known villains.  Raileigh isn’t a fan of bad guys and she certainly wasn’t a fan of the Pumpkin King.

I’ve tried to get her to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas numerous times since then.  She still refuses.

However, I do think that Jack Skellington is growing on her.  I think that is due to the fact that Santa brought her a Jack Skellington figure for Disney Infinity.  He throws these glowing jack-o-lanterns and it’s pretty hard to dislike such a fun and interactive guy.

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