Disney Inspired Girls Fashion- Eeyore

Eeyore Inspired Girls Fashion
Marled Slub Swing Dress by GAP Kids $29.95
Patent Skinny Belt by Carter’s $12.00
Chuck Taylor Classic Hi Canvas by Converse $32
Bow Hair Clip by I♥U $7.00
Sparkle Bow Necklace by Crazy 8 $9.88


Before giving birth to Raileigh, I worked in an office.  There was another woman that worked there who we all secretly liked to call Eeyore.  She had Eeyore’s personality down to a tee– from the eternally gloomy outlook on life to the sound of her voice.  I never in a million years though I would meet someone who reminded me more of Eeyore than her.

I was wrong.

My daughter has a personality that is the complete opposite of Eeyore.  She is optimistic and cheerful around the clock, and her sweet little voice is usually bubbly and full of happiness.

But y’all.  This kid can do an Eeyore impression like none other.  In fact, I will ask her to do it almost every day just because it is so awesome.

So, as I began planning my first Disney Inspired Girls Fashion look I had to turn to Eeyore.  This old donkey may be gloomy, but my daughter’s impression of him never fails to bring a smile to my face.


  1. Lo says:

    Hi I saw your excerpt from your blog and I just wanted to ask, what’s the largest sizes in clothing and shoes you carry, or what age are you catering too?

    Thank you,

    • Desi says:

      I don’t carry the clothes myself. I provided the links to where you can purchase them. Most of the clothes I will feature are in sizes 4 or 5 up to 12 or 14. I am catering towards the elementary age girl.

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