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My little one has a heart that is bursting with love.  She loves to give and she loves to let those around her know how much they mean to her.  It’s a spirit that makes my own heart swell and one that I want to encourage in her.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, most children are writing out cute little cards to give to each of their classmates.  However, we homeschool and it’s just her and me.  That didn’t deter her, though.  She’s got a very long list of people she wants to mail Valentine’s Day cards to… and those tiny little cards that kids normally give aren’t exactly great for sending in the mail.

So, how do I encourage this idea of sending cards without going broke buying individual cards for each person on her list?

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Hallmark Valentine Cards!

Hallmark is a name that has been around for years, and one that I have trusted with my card needs for as long as I can remember.  I’ll even let you in on a little secret– I love Hallmark so much that I used to aspire to be a greeting card designer for them.

At select Walmart locations, they carry this amazing selection of Hallmark Value Cards.  These cards carry all the quality and sentiment that we’ve grown to expect and love from Hallmark without the hefty price tag.  The Hallmark Value Cards start at just 47 cents!

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Raileigh picked out a very large stack of cards, telling me who each card would be for.  I let her pick out as many Hallmark Value Cards as she wanted to get because 47 cents per card is definitely a price that I can get on board with.

Besides the price, there is another thing that I really, really love about these Value Cards from Hallmark– they are encouraging my child to write.  Writing just happens to be Raileigh’s least favorite part of school.  I try everything I can think of to make it more interesting.  She just simply doesn’t enjoy it.  However, these cards and the opportunity to send them to her friends and family are making her ask to write.

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That makes me one very happy mom and teacher.

Hallmark Value Cards aren’t just available for holidays, either.  They have a big selection for birthdays, get well soon cards, and more.  Whatever you’re celebrating, or if you simply just want to say “hi”, there is a Hallmark Value Card for that.

Because I see many more of these cards in our future, I was excited to sign up for the Hallmark Cards Reward Program.  This program allows you to earn rewards for Hallmark Cards– no matter where you buy them!  For every five cards you purchase, you earn a reward.  So… we earned a few rewards just by purchasing these Hallmark Cards for Valentine’s Day!

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The cards you purchase can be uploaded to collect your rewards in two ways– either by typing the barcode in on the website OR by downloading the free app and scanning the barcode on your purchased cards.  It’s easy to do and the rewards accumulate fast.

I love that the Hallmark Value Cards are giving me an inexpensive outlet for my little one to tell those around her how much they mean to her.  Plus, I’m earning rewards with every single purchase we make.  What’s not to love?

Make sure you check out connectionsfromhallmark.com to sign up for Hallmark Rewards, and to see great content from other bloggers. Join in the #ValentineCards conversation on Twitter!



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