Best Electronics Devices and Set-Up For Our Living Room

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When we moved into our new home last June, there were many thing I was excited about– the set-up of our homeschool room, the hardwood floors, and the spacious and open floor plan.  However, the thing that probably excited me the most was our living room.  Ya’ll– this room is amazing.  It’s got built-in shelving, nice cabinets, and lots of space to set-up all our electronics devices.

I will admit– we came with quite the assortment of devices to get going in our new living room.  From gaming systems to the devices we use to stream movies to our television, it all needed to be set up.

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And, that’s what we did… rather poorly, though.

Cords were dangling from the mantle and they were sticking out everywhere behind our television.  Yes, everything has been set-up and being used since shortly after we moved in, but it looked pretty bad.

We’ve been having friends and family over and I was just plain tired of our messy electronics devices.  It simply didn’t present my home the way I want it to appear to guests.

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So, I headed to Best Buy.

Best Buy provides the ultimate showroom for home theaters and television.  With a giant selection that you can touch, feel, and experience before purchasing, it was exactly what we needed to get our devices set up just like we want.

Since cords were our main issue, I decided to check out the accessories and look for a surge protector with numerous outlets to accommodate all the many devices we want to have hooked up.  At least then, cords would be headed to one central location as opposed to several.

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We were able to find a surge protector with 8 outlets, 2 USB ports {perfect for charging the cell phone}, plus a limited warranty on connected equipment.  Yes, yes, yes.  That is exactly what I needed.

I also picked up a cleaning kit so that we could clean our television screen.  The last time it was cleaned was… well, I can’t actually remember.  It was well before we moved and as I mentioned, that was back in June.  I’m pretty sure that nothing can help to enhance the viewing experience like a clean screen.  And– the cleaning kit was pretty inexpensive, which is always a plus for an effective product.

#shop best buy home theater accessories

Not only did I walk away with several products to add to our home theater, I walked away with a wish list full of additional products I want to have:

  • A wireless system so that we can hide all the devices and cords away in cabinets yet still be connected to our television {I’m pretty sure we’ll need to call services to help with installation!}
  • A television wall mount so that we can get the television off the mantle and prevent risk of TV tip-over
  • A new, sleek turntable to replace the bulky vintage one now inhabiting our home theater

#shop Best Buy home theater cleaning kit

It’s reassuring that Best Buy offers a low price guarantee so that I can purchase with a peace of mind that I won’t go out and find a lower price elsewhere.  Best Buy’s Low Price Guarantee ensures that you truly do get the best buy.

If you’re looking to build or expand your own home theater, then check out the Home Theater Buying Guide for ideas and suggestions to help you build the perfect theater in your home.


  1. Alicia says:

    I look forward to having the Geek Squad a TV once we move in a few months. There are some things that are SO worth it!:) I’m going to have to look into that wireless system- it would be great to be cord free!

  2. Summer Davis says:

    OH, I DEFINITELY need to get something to clean our TVs with. They’re so gross and my husband uses Windex on them. *cringe* Best Buy Geek Squad services are the BEST, and next time you purchase something that they’ll come install, definitely spring for it. They did our new TV last week and it was amazing. I didn’t have to do anything and they took me to SCHOOL on how to work the new magic box.

    PS: I’m CRAZY jealous of your built in shelves. CRAZY jealous.


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