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In case you haven’t heard the amazing news– my husband is going back to school this January.  In addition to working his full-time job, he will also be a full-time student.  In preparation for this new chapter of his life, we’ve began to do some things to get ready so that the semester goes as smoothly as possible.

We purchased a new laptop for him and filled it with the latest operating system and word processing tools.  We got a new wireless internet provider that gives us much faster service than we were using before.  There are books to buy {very expensive books, I might add} and we’ve began shopping around to find the best prices on those.

We’ve also signed him up for the Sprint My Way student mobile plan, available exclusively at Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores.

Y’all– this phone plan has got to hands down be the best deal going.  So, if you’re a student, if you have a student, or if you simply know a student, then listen up.  This is one deal you will definitely want to take advantage of.

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The Sprint My Way student mobile plan is available to all students, which is something I truly love.  It seems that many “student plans” are only offered to what would be seen as the traditional student– someone just out of high school and still under the care of their parents.  Not this plan.  The student mobile plan available at Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores is truly available to each and every student, starting at the age of five.  Yes– you can even purchase a plan for your kindergartner, if you so desire.

Let me tell you a little more about the plan, specifically how it works.  You’ll start by finding one of the Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores located near you.  These stores are typically located within a mall, making it super easy to stop in, especially during the holiday season.  At our local mall, the Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store is actually located just inside the entrance we always use– you know, the one near my daughters two most favorite stores.

The cool thing is that while my husband decided between phones, wants to get his phone activated, and talks with the associate in store, I can easily walk her right next door to do a little shopping of our own.  She doesn’t get bored and she doesn’t distract other customers.  That’s because these Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores are so conveniently located in malls that there are plenty of other options for us to enjoy while we wait.

For the Sprint My Way student mobile plan, you will need to purchase the phone you want at full price.  Now, that may seem like a chunk of change, at it can be– depending on the phone you choose.  There are some awesome special smart phone offers such as the Samsung GS4 Mini in Black or White for$349.99.  Keep reading because this one expense will be completely worth it.

#shop best buy mobile specialty store student mobile plan

The student mobile plan gives you 12 months of free talk, text, and data.  TWELVE MONTHS.  So, you purchase the phone and don’t have another phone bill for an entire year.  Ummm…. yes, please!  Can you imagine a better way to save on mobile phone bill?

Let’s break down exactly what this plan includes:

  • For smartphones: Unlimited talk, text, and 1GB of data {regularly $70 per month}
  • For basic phones: Unlimited talk, text, and blocked data {regularly $50 per month}

You can also choose to add on unlimited date for just $10 a month.

I also want to mention that we were able to save a little off the price of our phone by trading in an old phone we had.  It was a Droid Incredible that I used {read: abused} for well over a year.  We got just under $40 for it, which was awesome since it’s been sitting at home unused.

Once you get home, it is very important that you use the Student Verification Form provided in-store to prove your eligibility.  You have two weeks to do so after purchasing the phone.

So… I mentioned that we signed up for this super amazing plan and got my husband the best electronics to start the school year off with.  Do you want to see which phone we purchased?

#shop iPhone5s

#shop iPhone 5s

It’s the iPhone 5S!  I’ve used Android phones in the past and he’s played around with them pretty extensively.  However, when it comes down to it, we are simply an iPhone family.  I’ve gotta admit… I’m pretty envious of this beautiful new golden phone {though… it is encased to protect it from a certain five year old}.

Cool new gadgets are one of the most fun things to give and receive.  Pair that with the Sprint My Way Plan and you simply cannot go wrong.   I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am that we will not have to pay for Darren’s phone bill for an entire year.

To find out more about the Sprint My Way student mobile plan, I invite you to head to a Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store near you.

#shop Sprint My Way student mobile plan


  1. Alicia says:

    It’s like Sprint and Best Buy Mobile are rewarding your husband for going back to school with an amazing offer:) Best of luck in the next few months! #client

  2. Summer Davis says:

    That is one SEXY phone! better keep it away from me, ‘cuz you might find it missing! This is a great deal and I am so thrilled that you guys were able to take advantage of it! Enjoy the phone and the lack of a phone bill every month! #client

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