The Best Wireless Plan– A Special Gift for Someone I Love

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In the blink of an eye, Christmas has came and gone.  It seems like just yesterday we were selecting our big, beautiful tree, and now it’s already time to take it back down.  I love this season and I am going to miss all the joy and festivities that go along with it.  However, I am very excited about what this new year is going to bring.

But… before we officially ring in 2014, I wanted to give you a look at one very special Christmas moment.  You may recall that I purchased something pretty awesome for one of my family members– an Unlimited Wireless Plan from Walmart Family Mobile!

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This year we moved closer to our family and are now just over an hour from everyone.  However, it’s not right-next-door and several congested Atlanta interstates separate us from those we love.  This means we get to see them far more often, but not as frequently as we’d like.

That’s where the best wireless plan comes in.  It’s essential that we all have good wireless plans with ample coverage, unlimited talk and text, and reliable service to keep us in touch.  Being able to hear the voice of someone you love or share a special moment with them even when they are miles away is quite remarkable.  It brings joy and happiness and allows you to build relationships even when you aren’t together.

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To keep those lines of communication open, we’ve turned to Walmart Family Mobile and their Unlimited Plans.  Let me tell you a few of the reasons why:

  • There is no contract.  No waiting years to upgrade your phone because your contract isn’t up yet.  With Walmart Family Mobile, you decided when to come and go, when to update your plan or your phone– on your timeline.
  • The plans are UNLIMITED.  Decide whether you want talk and text OR talk, text, and web all at one convenient low price.  No overage fees, no slow data connections when you reach your usage limit.  It’s truly unlimited.
  • Smart phones are available at a super low price.  Even with no contract, you can get a smart phone for under $50.
  • Large Nationwide Network.  The network is expansive, offering amazing coverage to many areas of the country.  So, even if you’re on the road, Walmart Family Mobile let’s you stay in touch with the people you love most.

This year, we decided to gift the best wireless plan to someone in our family.  Someone who already has a smartphone, but doesn’t always get the best reception or service.  Someone we love and desperately want to keep in touch with.

Want a sneak peek at the luck recipient?

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This is my mom, also known as Nana.  She is one of my very best friends and Raileigh’s as well.  Often times, we just talk to her during the day while she’s at work.  However, I wanted to make it easier to get in touch after she leaves work each day by giving her a new phone with an amazing signal and a plan that allows her to talk and text as much as she desires.

We gave her a Concord Smart Phone {currently on sale for $49.88} and a starter kit that included a standard and micro SIM card.  We’re also gifted this with THREE months of unlimited talk, text, & web because it will be AMAZING for her not to have a phone bill to pay for the next three months.

My mom was ECSTATIC with her gift.  I think she was pretty shocked to find a cell phone and all the extras when she unwrapped the gift.  However, it was quite the welcome surprise because now she can easily keep in touch with us as well as other friends and family that are special to her.

Since there’s no contract, she can decide to keep up the bill after three months {which I suspect will happen since #FamilyMobileSaves and it’s WAY cheaper than her current bill} or find something that works better for her.  Online Account Management and Information is easy to access, so she’ll have no trouble setting up whatever option she chooses.

#shop #FamilyMobileSaves Walmart Family Mobile

It was such an awesome experience to be able to give a gift that will truly be used and loved.

This was probably the most well-received gift we gave this holiday season.  What gifts did you share with loved ones?  Were you able to find that perfect thing that they will really enjoy?


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