Our Visit to Garden Lights, Holiday Nights at Atlanta Botanical Gardens

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garden lights, holiday nights

Have I told you yet how much I adore Christmas lights?  I love everything about the Christmas season, really.  The lights, the cold weather, the spirit of giving– it all warms my heart.

This year, we got to visit the stunning Garden Lights, Holiday Nights at Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  In it’s third year, this holiday lights show glows with over 1 million bulbs in a unique experience that will surely be one of the highlights of your holiday season.

Some of the highlights of Garden Lights, Holiday Nights include:

  • Earth Goddess, the reigning grand dame of the Imaginary World exhibit, makes a quick costume change to become the light show’s Ice Goddess
  • The Candy Cane Cobras- a pair of 15 foot tall majestic snakes- welcome revelers and stand guard over the Alston Overlook
  • The Edible Garden sprouts a harvest of illuminated 6 foot tall corn that guests can stroll among
  • A 24-foot-long, 9-foot-tall Poinsettia Wall returns in the Conservatory Lobby with new colors and patterns
  • The towering live Poinsettia Tree  in the Orchid Center Atrium amidst a profusion of tropical flowers and foliage set at ground level
  • The Orchestral Orbs – a one-of-a-kind topiary light show choreographed to holiday music
  • Hundreds of Hardwoods throughout the Gardens wrapped in glowing displays of light
  • The Glow Bar in the Edible Garden turns up the lights with disco balls and popular tunes from an award-winning Lethal Rhythms DJ and offers a regular menu of seasonal beverages
  • S’Mores Kits are available to roast at a firepit on the Twinkling Terrace
  • Miniature train display featuring intricate tracks and some interesting train cars

Garden Lights, Holiday Nights Collage

Of course, that’s just some of what you find at this incredible holiday experience.

In keeping with Atlanta Botanical Gardens mission to be an environmentally sustainable destination, all the lights used in their holiday display are LED.  These lights actually use 80% less electricity than incandescent lights, as well as a lifespan that is twice as long– five years or more!  The Gardens also have a new timing control system, minimizing the time the lights are actually on.  All this enables them to provide us with a large-scale show with a small-scale consumption.

Our time at the Garden Lights, Holiday Nights was simply magical.  It’s such a peaceful experience, strolling through the lights surrounded by the natural beauty of the gardens.  Near the Earth Goddess, we even encountered a lovely group of carolers, and my family stood for several songs, singing along with the music.  It was truly one of the highlights of the evening.


I was also completely awestruck by the Orchestral Orbs.  They were stunning and truly incredible to watch.  The songs the lights were choreographed to included traditional tunes as well as fun favorites such as Charlie Brown.  I could have stood and watched this show for hours.

Also right near the orbs was a tree made of light strings, situated over water.  The reflection of the lights upon the water was beautiful.

I’d venture to say that Raileigh’s favorite part of the evening was the Miniature Train exhibit.  There were several different trains running throughout an intricate set-up that was really fun to look at.  There were lots of tiny details, such as holiday friends riding in train cars, a Tootsie Roll car as part of one of the trains, and caves that the trains rode through.  Raileigh walked, following the path of each one of the trains.  She would have stayed there all night.



Garden Lights, Holiday Nights was a memorable experience that my entire family enjoyed.  I look forward to returning in the coming years and making this unique lights show a holiday tradition.

You can visit Garden Lights, Holiday Nights at Atlanta Botanical Gardens nightly now through January 4.  Advanced tickets are recommended, as there are a limited number of tickets available each night.

Peak Night Admission (Thursday – Sunday)
$20 Adult ($17 Member) | $14 Child age 3 -12 ($11 Member)
Child under 3 free. Sales tax and ticketing fee applies.

Non-Peak Night Admission (Monday – Wednesday)
$17 Adult ($14 Member) | $11 Child age 3 -12 ($8 Member)
Child under 3 free. Sales tax and ticketing fee applies.

You can obtain tickets at Atlanta Botanical Gardens, online, or by calling 1.855.GLHN.TIX .


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