New To Designing Tomorrow — AWESOME Jewelry Holders and Topiaries!!!

Okay friends — I know I’ve posted once already about the super great jewelry holders that are new to my shop. But — we got some NEW designs to the jewelry holders. There are two new sets that just recently went up in the shop — and there are more to come! Check them out:



Rustic Wood Jewelry Holder with an Assortment of Blue Knobs

I absolutely LOVE this one. The knobs are GORGEOUS. They are dainty, girly, and rustic. This jewelry holder will go perfect on virtually ANY color wall!



Rustic Wood Jewelry Holder with an Assortment of Knobs

Okay so these knobs are SO unique and fun! They have very “clean” faces but rustic metal pieces — making this a unique and super awesome jewelry holder!


Pink Flower and Tulle Topiary

Okay y’all — these are so cool! They are perfect for decorating a little girl’s room OR for table decorations.

My mom LOVES doing event planning — and she is FABULOUS at it! She planned and designed my entire wedding {featured here in the 2012 Wedding Event, CHECK IT OUT!}. So, as a part of her event planning — she does phenomenal centerpieces that go perfect with the event themes.

For example, when she was working at a high school she planned an event for a banquet. There were going to be representatives from UGA at this banquet. So, her centerpieces were UGA red and black themed!!! It was a HUGE hit and everyone FREAKED OUT about how perfect her topiaries were!

That being said — these topiaries can be completely customized to whatever event you are hosting! Contact me for more information and to set up a custom listing for your next event!


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