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During the holiday season, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and forget some of the truly important aspects of this time of year.


This is something I want to my daughter to know about.  I want her to understand that this isn’t the time of year when we create long lists of things we want.  It’s the time of year when we give to others.

Apparently, that message is sinking in.  She told me recently that she wants to take all her money in her piggy bank and give it to kids who won’t get presents this year.  She’s also told me that she thinks we should be thankful and give all year round– not just during the holidays.  She’s rather wise to be only five years old.


If you’re looking for a simple way to give this year, why not Give the Gift of a Great Future with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.  This season Boys & Girls Clubs of America inspires us reflect on the true meaning of giving with their 3rd annual Give the Gift of a Great Future Campaign.  It’s easy to participate and can truly make a difference in the lives of children in your community. Visit the site to:

I especially love that they shared several children’s books that are about giving.  My little one loves to read and anytime we can share a positive message through a book, I find that it’s especially effective.

Remember– as you’re filling the space underneath your tree with gifts for your loved ones, attending holiday functions, and baking plate after plate of holiday goodies, don’t forget to find time to give back as well.

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