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Long before FROZEN was actually in theaters, my daughter was in love with Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and the rest of the cast of Disney’s newest animated movie.  We had the costume, she read the Junior Novelization of the movie as soon as it was released, and we watched the trailer far more times than I can count.

A week before the movie was to be released, I had the opportunity to surprise her with a trip to an advanced screening.  Sitting between me and one  of her best little friends, I watched in pure delight as she soaked in every detail of the movie… and then promptly asked when we could see it again!  And, just in case you haven’t been out to see FROZEN yet– it is indeed that good.  Somehow, with each new release, I just feel that Disney keeps getting better and better.

Needless to say, when we began shopping for Raileigh’s Christmas gifts, I knew exactly where to turn– an Elsa toy and the rest of the FROZEN merchandise available at Walmart.  The only problem is that I am with Raileigh literally all the time.  So, when she went to spend a few days with her Nana over shortly before Thanksgiving, we literally made  a beeline to the store to get some shopping done.

This was in that week before the movie had actually came out and yet the store already had an amazing selection of FROZEN merchandise to choose from.  Though– I’ve been back since and the number of FROZEN products you have to choose from has literally tripled.  Regardless, I was able to find some really, really awesome things that are going to be delivered to my house on Christmas morning… you know, by the jolly man in red.

Want to take a peek?

#shop disney frozen toddler dolls

#shop disney frozen small dolls

#shop disney frozen disney infinity

Here’s what we’ve got:

  • The FROZEN Disney Infinity Toy Box Set {because we are just as obsessed with this game as we are with FROZEN}
  • Anna Toddler Doll {her friend at one of the movie screening and it immediately went on the wishlist}
  • Elsa Toddler Doll
  • Anna Small Doll
  • Elsa Small Doll

I was so close to buying the FROZEN Castle Play Set, but since she has a Disney World Cinderella Castle Play Set we picked up on our first trip to the most magical place on Earth, I simply couldn’t justify it.

#shop disney frozen gifts

Now all of those lovely gifts are all wrapped up waiting to be delivered… in Disney Princess wrapping paper.  I am completely aware that Anna and Elsa are not official Disney Princesses {yet… I am hoping they will be sometime next year} but I could not find FROZEN wrapping paper anywhere.  I am sure that it exists,bit it has definitely alluded me.  On that note– if you’re in my area and happen to find some, let me know!

You may have noticed that Anna and Elsa didn’t get left out, though.  Since our new favorite characters weren’t on the wrapping paper, I decided to make some cute printable gift tags to put on the presents.  I made a set of four printable FROZEN Gift tags to use and thought it would be fun to share them with you as well.

#shop disney frozen free printable gift tags

Download the FREE Printable FROZEN Gift Tags

A few notes… I do recommend printing on cardstock using a good quality print {i.e. not “text” or “draft”}.  If the coloring of the tags looks odd when you click to download, no worries.  I’m not sure why it’s doing this, but when you open the document after downloading, it looks perfectly normal.  Once you’ve printed, cut along the blue outer line and use a hole punch to cut out the blue circle.  There’s room on the tag so you can write the intended recipient.

Now, I just have to keep all these awesome gifts hidden and convince my daughter that she does not need these toys every single time we pass them in the store!

#shop disney frozen subway kids meal

Besides, thanks to the Subway location in our local Walmart store, she actually just got some pretty cool FROZEN merchandise.  Subway offers the Fresh Fit For Kids Meal and right now it’s FROZEN themed!  They’ve got cute little FROZEN bags that the meal comes in {YEAH for a “prize” that can actually be used!} and the Subway locations in Walmart are also giving out an adorable Olaf keychain with their Fresh Fit For Kids Meals.

These meals come with a small sandwich, apples, and milk.  It is really hard to eat our with my vegetarian daughter, but a Subway Fresh Fit For Kids Meal is always a good option.  They load up her sandwich with things she loves– cheese, lettuce, cucumbers– and we pair that with the apples and milk.  It’s a tasty and healthy meal for my little one.

These special FROZEN meals are only available through January 6, so get it while you can.

Don’t forget to pick up all the awesome FROZEN the movie toys while you’re in Walmart as well.  FROZEN is still in theaters and if you haven’t made it a point to see the movie yet… GO NOW!

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  1. Hello Desi and Angela!

    I found your website through Pinterest as I was looking for free Frozen printable materials, THANKS A LOT for the tags!!!! I am planning my daughter’s 5th birthday and I have to find all the material on the net as there is absolutely NOTHING here on Frozen (I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). Merci !

  2. these are lovely, thank you so much

  3. I love Frozen !

  4. Haelie McGlon says:

    I wasnt able to download the tags and I would LOVE to use these for my cousins birthday party thats coming up soon. Is there any way you could email me the file so that I can use your super cute tags??

  5. thanks for the printables. I linked them on my posting

  6. These are absolutely adorable! She must have had SUCH a great Christmas!! :) #client

  7. Darah has only been to the movies twice in her entire life, and both times, she saw FROZEN!

  8. How did you make the FROZEN print out tags???

    • I made them using .png files for the Frozen images and an image I purchased in the Silhouette store using my Silhouette software. I “saved” them as a PDF by “printing” to a free BullZip printer I downloaded {the silhouette software doesn’t have the option to save a PDF}.

  9. The Toddler Dolls are precious!! I bet all the little girls would love to have one of those this Christmas! I’ve heard nothing but great things about this movie!


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    FROZEN Toys, FROZEN Kids Meals, and Free Printable FROZEN Gift Tags

    Long before FROZEN was actually in theaters, my daughter was in love with Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and the rest

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